Cracked by Eliza Crewe

First and foremost, I have to thank Navessa for forcing my hand to read this masterpiece.

This book single handedly restored my faith in Young Adult books.

“But there’s something poetic about recreating the scene the nurse played out with his own victim, only this time with a very different ending.”

This book had me hooked by page two. Yes, page two. I literally read the first two pages to my best friend, because they were THAT good. I can’t think of the last time a book was able to enthrall me so early. And the captivation didn’t wear off; this book was fantastic the whole way through.

Meda eats souls, but that’s only the tip of her iceberg. Meda is one of the best heroines I’ve seen in a YA book to date. She’s witty, brave and self reliant. She’s sarcastic, unsure of herself and dealing with a lot of hurt inside her. She’s real. As I already stated, I started falling in love with her by page two, because the pieces start to fall together that she helps young ghosts that unfortunately meet their demise early. Yet, she’s constantly struggling with her good and evil throughout the book (like all of us), but all her light is constantly peaking through no matter how much darkness she tries to grasp onto. She’s such a wonderfully complex character that was an absolute joy to read about. Even though I’m only giving this book four stars, Meda deservers fucking ten.

“Sometimes bad things need to be reminded they’re not the only ones who can bite.”

That’s the best thing about this book; the characters. And the awesomeness doesn’t stop with Meda. Chi and Jo were the best sidekicks I’ve read since Ron and Hermione (and that’s really saying something coming from me). Then, Uri – the amount of love he pumped into my heart on that playground was surreal. This world that I entered for the first time a few hours ago made me feel more than series I’ve been following for years and years.

Why do I feel like I’m going to fall in love with a half demon named Armand?

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