The Deal by Elle Kennedy

“The Deal is a real gem! If you are on a lookout for something with light-hearted humor, splendid storyline and charged with sexual chemistry, I strongly recommend reaching for it. It’ll be exactly what you need.”Patrycja

^This is 100% the truth about this book. It was a delight to read. It completely caught me off guard. So many of my friends were reading it, I just took a shot in the dark without expecting anything. The low expectation only made this book even better.

Throughout most the book Garrett is portrayed like your typical cocky jock, but when he surprised me I fell completely head over heels in love with him – Hannah was apprehensive about her ability to have sex with anyone, because she was unable to achieve an orgasm with her previous two partners. Garrett tries and then tries again. When he finally succeeds (without his penetration) he tells her he wants to take it slow and doesn’t have sex with her! I probably sound like a typical stupid naive girl, but ohmygosh that had my gushing for him!. Seriously, I had a stupid grin on my face while reading everything he said or did after that. And Hannah was such an amazingly strong female lead that more authors should achieve to write characters like. I loved them both. I loved their story.

This book also deals with a sadness rape that a lot of NA romances try to cover and fail while doing so. This book does a phenomenal job bringing light to that darkness. I have the utmost respect for this author.

I ate this book up.
With a spoon.
Then asked for seconds.


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