The Score by Elle Kennedy

These books are such hidden gems and if you’re on the fence about trying them – PLEASE give them a shot. I was so reluctant to pick The Deal up, because I didn’t think I’d like it at all just based on the premise of hockey players in college. I was so surprised by the effect it had on me. I recommend these books constantly in real life, just because they are so easy for a vast and diverse majority to like them. These books are the perfect “get out of your book slump” books, and overall are just a lot of lighthearted fun. Elle Kennedy does a phenomenal job at making her readers wish they had given more attention to the hockey players when they were in college. Her writing is so easy and fun, and her sex scenes are top tier.

Like the other Off-Campus books, The Score stars a hockey player who the rest of the gang knows. Dean is Garrett and Logan’s roommate, but is by far the biggest partier of the bunch. In turn, the newest love interest, Allie, is Hannah’s (Garrett’s girlfriend) roommate. Allie doesn’t do one night stands, and is normally always in a serious relationship. After Allie has a messy break up, and Hannah is out of town with Garrett, Hannah and Garrett suggest that Allie should stay the weekend at Garrett’s place to avoid Allie’s ex that is going to be trying to get back together with her. Dean is home, and obviously you can see where this is going. What you might not see is that when Allie gets to the house, she interrupts a threesome that Dean is about to partake in.

Now, I can look at this story and see the unrealistic sides. I can also see all the impractical events that take place. The thing is, it doesn’t matter. These books are just so addicting, and make you feel such bliss, you just ignore all the implausible plot points. For this reason, I cannot give this book five stars, but in my heart it’s a 4.99 star rating.

The other negative thing I’ll say is that no one texts the way these “young and hip college kids” text. Like seriously, your iPhone will auto fill-in more than half your words, there is no need to be typing “u” and “2night”. It’s just so unrealistic, and I think is just a generation gap from the author. Even in the opening of this book, Allie is upset that her ex texts her “then” instead of “than”, but I wouldn’t give any guy that types “bb” or “plz” the time of day either.

Out of the three stories that have been released, I connect the most with Dean and would for sure pick him to date out of the three. So this was my favorite of the series, thus far. Again, I understand it is unrealistic to think that a guy with Dean’s “history” would change, or at least change so quickly, but the book is very convincing and truly makes me envious of Allie. Seriously, did you guys read Chapter 18? Like, holy shit.

Hannah is still my favorite female protagonist of this series, but Allie is for sure second (Sorry, Grace). Sometimes Allie’s aspiring actress dreams would get on my nerves, but she was so supportive while being so independent, and the Lord knows I like me a strong female in my books! There is no slut shaming in this series, and it gives a really positive message about having healthy sex whenever the hell you want, with whoever the hell you want. I wish we had more of that, not only in books, but in the real world, as well.

This series is my guilty pleasure, along with Debt Inheritance. I cannot wait to get my greedy little hands on Tucker’s book, because that cliffhanger made me feel about fifty different things.

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