Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning

When I first started reading this, I started to believe in the Fever series I remembered and loved. This book had action, legit fight scenes, new twists from Mac’s past/present, unseelie prince powers, a big emphasis on the Sinsar-Dubh, hot sex with Barrons! Basically, it had a lot to make me happy and reminiscent as to why I loved this series so much, and how my heart utterly broke while reading Burned. The start of this book gave me hope and that made the fall so much harder.

This book will make you feel like you had too much to drink, called your ex, and you slept with him. Maybe the hook up won’t feel bad while hooking up, but afterwards you’ll feel dirty as fuck. I was blinded by the actual hooking up of this book, but then I woke up the next morning and realized how stupid I was.

For those of you who don’t know, the last 11% of this book is an index for the reader to get caught up, or updated, on the events that took place in the previous seven books and the characters we’ve met along the way. Even though I knew this, the abrupt end of chapter thirty-six still felt like someone threw a bucket of ice water on me. I don’t even want to call it a cliffhanger; it was just an abrupt and uncalled for ending.

I read 436 pages just to be slapped in the face with the last chapter. All that fluff I was talking about at the beginning of this review, was only there to try to distract me of the fact that this book has no real plot. There are loose ends, waiting to be explored, but nothing actually happens until chapter thirty-six when we get blue-balled.

This is Feverborn (spoilers ahead, so please don’t continue if you haven’t read):

Remember the cliff-hanger ending of Burned where we find out about black holes that are going to essentially suck up all of Dublin? Yeah, it’s still a huge problem, but nothing happens. Not one fucking thing happens in this book to help or give the reader a better understanding on the black holes. They are just there, waiting to be dealt with in another book. They suspect that maybe the Sinsar-Dubh’s Song of Making will help.

Dani/Jada lets Ryodan tattoo her, like Barrons tattooed Mac in previous books, because she is scared of being lost and wants power over him (what?). Ryodan tells her he loves her, which was really out of place and really fucking awkward. We learn nothing about the events that happened to Dani/Jada Silver-side. We get a confusing new character that Dani/Jada met in the Silvers, but he, too, won’t be addressed until the next book.

No explanation on this new Alina twist. She’s back, because apparently Mac’s subconscious, and the Sinsar-Dubh living inside her, resurrected her. Mac is no longer invisible, and has really good sex with Barrons that “grounds” her and makes her able to think better. Oh, and when Barrons tells Mac that she’s not his girlfriend, I wanted to fucking kill someone. Can we NOT do this rodeo again? Like, please.

Lor and Jo keep having sex, even though Jo doesn’t want to, she just can’t help herself. But it’s cool, he’s going to “teach her” how to use her mind, and she can pay him in sex. This is “okay”, because she really wants it. What and the fuck am I reading?

Someone is writing The Dublin Daily, and making all our main character’s lives much harder. I really like this mystery and was very sad that it wasn’t addressed.

The Nine let Christian know that Dageus isn’t dead. Christian is still a shining white light in this book for me. He’s always helpful, and devoted to whatever he believes in. He helps Mac and the Abbey big time in this book. I still love him, and wish there was more of him in this book.

Cruce is working with the roach god to try to get free from the Abbey. The Abbey was under attack, but all is well and Cruce is supposedly safe underneath it still.

Dancer, from Iced, is back and introduces Dani/Jada to his smart friends who are trying to fix the black holes. I love Jane E’s review, because of the theorycrafting on Dancer’s parents!

Then the last 1% of this book, the Sweeper gets Mac and Dani/Jada so it can “fix” Dani’s heart and Mac’s brain. Mac finds the Sinsar-Dubh inside her and reads it, because she believes in good magic, and she and Dani really need to get the hell out of this situation. The Sinsar-Dubh starts taking over, and *curtains* the book ends. The last 1% of this book is amazing and worth reading, the rest is fluff and KMM trying to pull wool over your eyes.

Can I please just have my Iced sequel? I never thought I’d say this, but I’m fucking sick of Mac and Barrons. Their series should have ended at Shadowfever, and I’m sick of reading this sorry excuse of Dani’s/Jada’s story.

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