Never Never, #3 by Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher

“The only thing I have room for in this head of mine right now is the firm belief that fate absolutely exists. Fate…soul mates…time travel…you name it. It all exists. Because that’s what her kiss feels like. Existence.”

I love these two authors, and I ate up the last two installments of this series like they were brownies without calories. Unfortunately, this conclusion didn’t work for me.

Part One and Part Two had a constant build up to why these characters were losing their memories every forty-eight hours. There were so many twists and turns, and just really forced the reader to become obsessed with these little novella thrillers! We were thrown all these breadcrumbs, and were constantly trying to pieces together all these jagged edges of clues!

And for what? A Goddamn cop out, cheesy as fuck, ending. I’m sorry for being so harsh, but it’s the truth. All the information we received about their families, their past, their time spent in different locations, all their journal entries, all for nothing! I expected better from both of these authors that have wrote some of my favorite books of all time! These two know how to tell an amazing story and craft an amazing twist; I’m not sure what and the hell they were thinking! It was so underwhelming.

Then we get this epilogue that was completely redundant, and honestly just pissed me off even more. On top of the let down of the twist as to why Charlie and Silas were losing their memories, they then try to pull the same thing again, but twenty years later. Like, please.

I’m just going to act like I didn’t read this, and the reason they were really losing their memories was because of something cool. Like, an evil demon was casting a spell making them forget everything, but he could only cast the spell every forty-eight hours! And they had to find a certain clue that would lead them into a faery world, because Charlie’s dad is the king of all the faeries, locked up in his iron bar prison. Yeah, let’s go with that, I like that.

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