Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews

Apparently, Jack, George, Gaston, and Lark/Sophie are all from IA’s other series The Edge. I haven’t read this series yet, but going off my friend’s reviews this is either going to make you very happy or completely turn you off of this book! I am kind of scared to read it, but I loved Sweep in Peace so maybe I’ll dive in one day when my stacks of “to reads” isn’t touching my bedroom ceiling.

Oh, and I also think you will be able to read this for free on IA’s website, but I don’t think all the chapters are up yet. Or maybe they took it down for the actual book release? Either way, I think you will eventually be able to read it for free, which is pretty neat.

Ilona Andrews has a gift that most authors do not have; every book they write makes me want to be a part of that world. I remember being so young while reading Harry Potter, and I felt the same magic after I finished every book. That crazy longing to want to live in that world, and be a part of that story. Maybe I’m just crazy, but that’s what Ilona does for me that most other authors will never be able to achieve, and for that they will get my never ending applause. Hell, Kate Daniels is post-apocalyptic and I still want to live in that world! Seriously, my fan-girling has made me sick, but I’m too far gone for any cure.

Sweep in Peace starts right up from where Clean Sweep left off. Honestly, you could probably just jump in and read this one; you just might not appreciate it (or Sean) as much, but this book does a wonderful job filling in the blanks without making the reader feel overwhelmed with information. Dina and Gertrude Hunt are still the same, while Caldenia is still the Inn’s only guest. Well, that soon changes when Dina accepts to host The Summit for three factions who are at war over a planet. The planet, Nexus, contains large subterranean reserves of Kuyo, which is a liquid used in production of “pharmaceutical asset of significant strategic value”. So it’s very valuable and everyone is fighting over it.

The Three Factions:
1.) The merchants of Baha-char represented by Nuan Cee’s clan (cute little fox people). You’ll realize they are fighting for much more than just the Kuyo.
2.) The hope-crushing Horde represented by Otrokar (aliens that form their bodies for their jobs).
3.) The Holy Anocracy represented by House Krahr (vampires). Oh yes, this means Arland *swoon*.

So needless to say, Dina’s Inn is very full in this book. So she has to hire a chef to cook for all these people while she is constantly making sure Gertrude Hunt stay neutral and safe for all the new guests. The chef she hires ends up being my favorite character. Basically, he’s an exiled giant porcupine, who’s a former Red Cleaver chef, who is obsessed with mangoes and named Orro. I’m not really sure I have to say much more than that, but I can promise you if you read this book you, too, will fall in love with him!

This book is filled with Dina trying to keep the peace in her inn, while also trying to get all three factions to sign a peace treaty with one another. Obviously, it’s no small task and has Dina constantly working with these very different clans. Some major twists and turns happen, which leaves the reader on the edge of their seat while trying to figure out all the mysteries.

Overall, I loved this installment and cannot wait for the third. Please, oh please give us Klaus in the next one. Dina needs him, and I sure as hell need to know more about him. The epilogue will probably leave you wanting more Sean, even though all I want is more Arland.

“I asked him if he was leaving anyone behind. He said he met a girl with stardust on her robe, and when he looked into her eyes, he saw the Universe looking back.”

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