Bayou Moon by Ilona Andrews

Buddy Read with Ilona Andrews Addicts (IAA)!

I originally wanted to read these books, because while reading Sweep in Peace my friends kept telling me about the crossover of characters from this series. So once I finished On the Edge I was completely in love with Jack and George! But then I was like, “Where is Gaston and Lark/Sophie?” Well, in this installment of the series I got to finally learn about them! They both completely won me over, but man did Lark completely pull at my heartstrings.

This series is about the Edge, which is where the Weird and the Broken touch. The Weird has magic, and the Broken does not. They are mirrors, or parallel universes, to each other. So essentially, the people that live in the Edge are between worlds.

I didn’t love William in On the Edge, so I was a little on the fence about this book because I knew it was surrounding him instead of Rose and Declan. I’m not going to lie; the start was a little rough for me. I immediately connected with Cerise, and kept getting annoyed with William for calling her a hobo every other page! I felt such sick satisfaction when he found out what she was actually doing (and how she actually looked). Once I got passed their initial meeting, I ended up loving them together and completely was sold on them being a couple.

Cerise has an insanely large family, who is constantly struggling with a feud against a neighboring family. It’s a pointless war that’s been going on way past their generation, and is filling their lives with constant violence and struggle. After the opposing family tries taking over one of her family’s estates, at the same time as her parents mysteriously vanish, something obviously needs to be done about it. Everyone that follows my reviews knows by now that I love me a good strong female lead, and Cerise doesn’t disappoint. Not only is she selfless with taking care of Lark, her baby sister, but her whole clan.

“They hold a grudge like it was their family treasure.”

A mission falls into William’s lap, when a man in the Edge is killing innocent changeling children. William is a wolf-shifter, who had a pretty terrible upbringing, so there probably isn’t a mission out there that would hit him closer to home for him. The specific place in the Edge that he has to go is the Mire. The Mire is pretty much where all the criminals from the Weird go that are looking to not ever get caught. Because of a lucky turn of events, Cerise and William’s paths cross. All William wants is a family, which is very apparent in On the Edge. So apparent that I was actually a little turned off and confused, but when he instantly connects with Cerise it is much more understandable. I mean, the girl is like the pinnacle of the word “family”. We end up finding out that Cerise’s family, and William’s mission, may have more secrets in common than we initially thought.

“Why couldn’t she have gotten another Edger or some dimwit from the Broken for a passenger? No, she got Lord Leather Pants here.”

My favorite part of this entire book was the epilogue. Don’t get me wrong, I loved learning more about the characters that had cameos in Sweep in Peace. I also loved the unconditional love that Cerise and William shared. I loved the banter, the fighting, the sex. I loved it all, but the best part, for me, was when Cerise and Rose became friends in the end. The whole time while reading Cerise’s POV I kept thinking how much better it would have been if she had met Rose in the Edge and could have a kick ass girlfriend. So when they finally bonded, over beers and faded blue-jeans, my little heart was so happy! I’m already completely sold on Fate’s Edge just in hopes that I get to see glimpses at this amazing girl friendship!

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