The Dumont Diaries by Alessandra Torre

Alessandra Torre is not only an amazing author, but an amazing person! If you haven’t already, please join Shh… [Smut, Heroes & HEAs…], which is moderated by Alessandra and the amazing SueBee ❤️.

Since I’m reviewing each individual story in this there will be minor spoilers. So please read with caution!

Part One: To Have ★★★
In as little as 58 pages, you can tell this is going to be a crazy ride! I was able to get a sneak peak into this world while reading Just the Sex. I didn’t really care for the glimpse I saw while reading that collection, but actually reading the story was so much different, and so much more is explained.

This story starts out with our main protagonist, Candy, at work as a stripper. Yes, yes, I know. I promise it gets better. She’s down on her luck, even though she sounds like she comes from a privileged background, and is in desperate need for money.

I’m sure you can see where this is going. Rich, handsome, alpha male walks into her place of business and instantly is attracted to her. After a few visits, and a few questionable business transactions, he propositions Candy to leave the club with him.

After an amazing night, he extends the proposition even further. Part one ends with Candy contemplating the decision to change her life, which makes it impossible to not pick up the next book!

Overall, this was an easy and fun read. This story was filled with sizzlin’ hot dominate sex. I’m very happy I gave this story a second chance!

Part Two: To Hold ★★★
Candy Jenny has decided to change her name and marry the mystery man from the club, Nathan. Part two is mostly about the start of their married life together and how, even though she’s bored, it’s not that bad. That is, until Nathan ruins their agreement, and trust, at the very end.

Up until that point, their relationship was going well. Jenny longs for Wednesdays when she can go visit her father in the hospital, while they try to figure out his diagnosis. When she’s not at the hospital, she’s at home waiting for Nathan to get home from work.

Also, Jenny is realizing that someone else may fill a void that Nathan cannot. Drew is one of her husband’s body guards and nothing but trouble. He’s also one of her husband’s most trusted employees, and I can’t even imagine how much shit is going to hit the fan when their affair comes to light.

At the very end, Jenny starts to wonder how random it really was that Nathan came into her club and found her. She finds herself driving around the city and seeing all the closer, more convenient, strip clubs. What made hers so special? What made him choose her to marry?

Part Three: Till Death ★★★
In this third installment we discover the real reason Nathan sought out Jenny. After the air is cleared, the walls feel broken down between the two. Even though Nathan is constantly assuring her that he will never love her, his actions speak very differently and give Jenny hope.

Jenny is also struggling with her feelings for Drew, but the whole vibe of the book is definitely “Oh my gosh, Nathan, Nathan, Nathan”. Especially during their trip to the Bahamas. My gut tells me that Drew will play a much bigger roll, but being inside of Jenny’s head sure makes it hard to even remember him.

I didn’t like this part as much as the previous two. I think maybe this installment was suffering from filler syndrome, even though we did learn some key points of this story. It was still very enjoyable!

Part Four: Do Us Part ★★★★★
Okay, so even though I gave three stars to the other parts of this story, this installment was fucking perfect! Seriously, an easy five star rating! A complete joy to read! This was amazingly romantic, with fantastic sex, and a wonderful plot twist. Seriously, it had it all.

I’m even reviewing this with a stupid smile on my face, because it was that good. This conclusion was seriously amazing. It shattered all my expectations, and took a completely different direction that I absolutely loved.

I will say that I think the development with Drew was completely pointless and totally took away from the main story for no real reason besides angst. It still didn’t bother me that much, just because it did leave the reader guessing at more endings. But, holy moly, was the actual ending of this story freakin’ phenomenal.

If you’d like more closure, Alessandra wrote a extra scene that you can find here!

All these stories are such quick and short little reads, if you haven’t read this yet please rectify that life decision! This was the best mini-series I’ve read to date!

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