Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

I see a lot of my friends didn’t enjoy this book. This is a huge surprise to me, since I was the only one that didn’t get my panties in a twist for Hopeless. I actually liked this book a million times more.

I see a lot of people had a problem with Tate being a “doormat”, but I think these people forget what it’s like to be in your early twenties, figuring out what you like, what you don’t like, all while dating. You’ve never swallowed your pride and talked to guy after you thought it was over? You’ve never been so wrapped up in the moment that you’ve done something with an ex or a guy that you just know isn’t going to lead anywhere? The only time Tate’s actions pissed me off and seemed unrealistic was at the very end when she took Miles back so easily. I would have made him suffer much more than that, but maybe that’s because I’m in my mid/late twenties and I’ve learned a lot from my teen/early twenties about being a stupid girl around a good looking guy.

Maybe I’m giving Tate too much credit, but some of you people are crucifying her for being a young, dumb, in love girl. Love (even just thinking you’re in love) makes you do stupid shit, and sometimes makes you lower yourself to standards you’ve worked very hard to raise.

Miles… Current Miles was very hard for me to like. I was very appalled with the fact that he had to see his ex to get validation for loving someone else. I didn’t find it endearing in the slightest. Especially when he continued to hurt Tate over and over. Eighteen year old Miles was easy for me to love. If I would have read this book in high school, he would have raised the bar for guys I dated. I loved how he was so sure of his feelings. I loved the innocent love and first sight. I loved it all, but mostly him.

I can’t even put into words how much I loved the writing structure for when Miles is in love. My whole life I’ve been a huge ee cummings fan. It was reminiscent of that, and it spoke volumes to me. That’s how love makes you feel, and it’s as simple as broken paragraph structure and confused punctuation. (Which is why Tyler Knott Gregson is my current life senpai.)

This book is very similar to Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas, which completely broke me at sixteen. Maybe that’s why I liked this; maybe it just reminded me of a book that made me cry a whole weekend when I was younger. I can’t really say much more without spoiling both books. Either way, this book is worth the read.

Because love really is ugly a lot of the time.

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