Love, Chloe by Alessandra Torre

ARC provided to me by author Alessandra Torre in exchange for an honest review.

I’m also buddy-reading this with SueBee and some of the amazing ladies at Shh… [Smut, Heroes & HEAs…] ❤️.

“I kissed his mouth and tasted his love and didn’t need another thing from this world.”

This story was so charming and heartwarming! Alessandra Torre is my favorite erotic writer, but, Lordy, she can write a good romance as well. This book reads like a much better season of Sex and the City, and will completely capture your heart. I’m literally blown away by how unique and mesmerizing this story was.

Many of the chapters start off with Instagram pictures from “Chloe” herself. This is the first book I’ve ever read with additional media like that, and I actually really liked it. It was really something special and some of the pictures were absolutely gorgeous. It really helped me get completely absorbed in this world, and the ending pictures gave me girly squeals and good closure.

Chloe is a really relatable character, who is trying to make it on her own and figure out who she really is in New York City. Yes, her situation was a little forced and probably isn’t a problem many of us have to deal with (she was rich, and then her family got into some trouble and lost all their money), but I still think most readers will not only connect with Chloe, but really like her.

Now that she’s broke, her university won’t release her degree until she pays off her tuition. Chloe then enters the workforce for the first time for a not so nice woman her family knew. She does receive some help, and a lot of encouragement, from her two best friends. Chloe also has the attention of a few men in her life that ends up being an even more difficult complication.

Who hasn’t struggled to cut ties with an ex, or better yet cut the temptation of contacting them because they feel safe, or because, lowkey, you want guaranteed good sex? This book is so real, and really empathizes the real things that twenty year olds legitimately go through, and feel, while finding love and themselves at the same time.

“I lost words, I lost thought, I lost every single piece of myself. My shoulders came off the table and I whispered his name, my eyes closing, hands grabbing at him, his mouth staying on me as the intensity grew and stretched and inhaled my world.”

This is such an endearing stand-alone contemporary that I cannot recommend enough. It’s fast-paced, super sexy, funny, and honestly surprising. I know I put Alessandra Torre on a pedestal that most authors will never achieve, but reading this book just reminds me why I do; her writing and stories are something of magic.

“That was the problem with love. There was no OFF switch.”

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