Steel’s Edge by Ilona Andrews

Buddy Read with Ilona Andrews Addicts (IAA)!

I enjoyed this book, don’t get me wrong, but it really didn’t feel like a conclusion. I understand that Lark/Sophie, Gaston, George, and Jack are in Sweep in Peace as adults, but so much is left unsaid.

And if I’m being really honest, I feel like this series never surpassed the peak of the first book, On the Edge. This is a very fun series, and each book is in its own way good, but if I knew the final installment was going to end like this I probably would have passed on reading the rest.

I do also want to note that in Clean Sweep, Klaus Demille is the brother of the main character, Dina Demille, and he has yet to make an appearance. Hopefully, when Dina is able to finally locate him in her series, we will have a little more context since he is the one that recruits George in this series.

This final installment was surrounding a healer, named Charlotte, who escapes her privileged life to find herself in the Edge after an unfortunate turn of events. The male protagonist is Richard Mar, better known as Kaldar’s (from Fate’s Edge) brother, who has put quite a mark on his back for some very bad people who refer to him as The Hunter. They find themselves tangled up in an extremely sticky web and decide to try to take down a very organized sex trade together.

Charlotte and Richard were alright, but it seemed like, again, the kids stole the show, especially Sophie/Lark. I would love, love, love a book just about her and what has happened to her since in Clean Sweep, especially with “help” from Charlotte’s adoptive mother. Also, I always sort of felt like it was going to be Sophie/Lark with Jack, but this book kind of shifted (*ba dum tss*) the romance to George. Either way, she was phenomenal in this book and I don’t believe for a second her vendetta is truly over.

I’m not sure if IA plans on coming back and wrapping this up a little better, but I certainly hope they do. This world just feels so incomplete now, and I think a fifth book would definitely fill in the missing pieces. Here’s to hoping, right?

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