Do Not Disturb by A.R. Torre

Alessandra Torre has a phenomenal talent for writing beautifully composed books. Her plots are unique and leagues above anyone else in the genre. The twists she is able to create in every one of her books get me every time. On top of it all, I really enjoyed The Girl in 6E.

I felt the need to start my review with all of this, because this book really felt like a big cliché for me. A complete shadow of it’s predecessor. How many books do I have to read about a guy with little man syndrome that needs to rape/kill women to feel powerful? That poor horse is so beaten. The Girl in 6E was originally meant to be a stand alone, and it was a wonderfully different read. I still haven’t read anything like it. This felt very forced to fit that mold, and it just didn’t work for me. The cam sex seemed so awkward this time around too, and we have this amazing new relationship going on, and it was so boring between them (especially with how The Girl in 6E ended). Heck, the most exciting part was the growth of Mike and his mystery nurse, even though it reeked of spin-off. Probably one of him and the “doctor” Deanna likes (?) to talk to.

Don’t even get me started on this amazing build up…. of nothing. I couldn’t believe all this amazing tension just dissipated in one chapter. Seriously, this book is literally a countdown to when this monster can finally strike. Then the ending with Jeremy felt so obvious. I don’t know, this just didn’t work for me.

Basically, this book just fell short of my expectations. I have loved all of Alessandra’s other work, so I won’t take her off my insta-preorder list, but I’m not sure I will be reading If You Dare.

Oh, and one last rant: She made a negative comment about Halo in this book… and that shit’s not cool. I know it was coming from the villain, but still! I could never even think about giving the best book in the world a five star rating if it has a rude remark about Master Chief in it. Tisk, tisk.

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