Sex Love Repeat by Alessandra Torre

Okay, now that I’m done swooning, let me review this amazing book!I pride myself at predicting the direction a book is going to go. I feel like I’m constantly reviewing books saying, “I saw that coming a mile away…” Then I read this book. Holy shit, did that twist blow my mind! The entire start of this story sets you up to believe it is about a woman who is in a relationship with two men, and another woman who is spying and envious of said woman. When I read “brothers” I actually dropped the book. Which totally sucked, because this book doesn’t have page numbers! I would have never guessed, not in a million years! It honestly blew my mind. The envious woman is a sister who is just grasping to mend her broken family. While the other girl (Madison), is in fact, in a relationship with two brother completely coincidentally. When Madison had her surfing accident and was hospitalized, I was actually grinning like an idiot when Paul had to call Stewart. Maybe I’m a masochist, or just insane, but I was seriously eating this book up bit by bit. I couldn’t get enough. The twist was so big, I was literally blindsided, then I begged for more.

I did, however, feel like the ending was a little too clean. I was happy she picked Paul, because I was rooting for him the instant he was introduced. I just hated how Stewart kind of gave up at the hospital, to only try to make it work with a Madison look-a-like in the end. Also, him being so happy for Madison and Paul’s engagement? I don’t buy that AT ALL! But, I really don’t know another direction she could have taken it (other than killing someone), so it wasn’t a big hang up for me. It didn’t pull that much away from the story or my immersion. I still am completely head over heels for this book!

This all being said, Alessandra Torre writes stories that are so not normal for this genre. They are so unique and different, and I have devoured this and The Girl in 6E. This author is leagues above any “new” writer out there right now. I look forward to reading everything and anything this woman has created.

“I love her. She knows it. I don’t hide the fact. But I don’t think she knows how much I love her. How much my chest expands to a point of pain when she smiles. How I ache when I leave her, how my hands shake when I finally get to touch her again. She is everything I don’t deserve, and everything I could ever hope to attain.”Those. Fucking. Feels.
Seriously, leaves me speechless.

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