Tight by Alessandra Torre

Buddy Read with SueBee and her group Smut, Heroes & HEAs. ❤️

I first fell in love with these characters when I read “Still”, a novella in the Bend Anthology. I was elated to find out that Alessandra Torre was continuing their story. With her tremendous skill with writing, and all of her books being so beautifully written, I knew I wouldn’t be let down. Yet, I found myself not liking Tight as much as a few of her others (Sex Love Repeat, The Girl in 6E, Black Lies), but it was still a worthy read.

Chapters one and two are from her novella “Still”. Then you read Chapter three, and the whole story shifts. Kitten’s POV came into play, and I couldn’t get enough. I was so drawn in. I was completely mesmerized. Nothing in the book’s description will prepare you for this very early and unexpected twist.

Every Alessanda Torre book I’ve read has had a mind blowing twist that I would have never seen coming. Since you learn the twist in this one rather earlier (Even though I kept thinking the captive sex slave, Kitten, was going to be Brett’s ex, instead of Riley), it wasn’t near as big as some of the mind fucks Alessandra Torre has made me feel. I kept waiting for a bigger twist, and wanting something more. I just felt a little let down.

I was also a little disappointed because of the predictability. This seemed like such a cookie cutter love story, besides the “twist”. Heck, even the anticlimactic ending of the “twist” was cookie cutter. I did love the use of the different definitions of “tight” before some of the chapters. I thought it was different, unique and an all around cool idea.

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