One with You by Sylvia Day

Some authors just want to watch the world burn:

This book was pointless. It wasn’t bad, it certainly wasn’t good, but it didn’t add anything to the story.

I’m happy I finished this series, and this world, but I couldn’t help but want more. I know this story gets trashed on a lot because of Fifty Shades of Grey, but this was always the superior book series.

I couldn’t help myself from buying this the day it came out, even though I should have known better. My reading tastes have shifted so much from when I was in college, but I just always viewed this series as a guilty pleasure. I saw the warnings from the very first chapter, but I was in too deep, too invested, I couldn’t stop myself from devouring it.

The bright side of this book is the sex was great, like always in this series. I’m seriously Gideon trash. Like, I know he’s a controlling prick that I would end up slapping if I ever heard him speak in real life, but the sex – Good Lord, the sex. 12/10, would read again.

Unfortunately, the sex was probably the only bright side. Even the “twist” at the end felt like complete shock value. Or maybe it was for a spinoff prequel? Also, I can totally see Cary getting his own spin-off, because we learn nothing about his situation. Regardless, I probably won’t invest in anything else this series, or Sylvia Day, has to offer.

It’s been a crazy sex-filled ride, but I’m happy to get the fuck off this train. This book was completely unnecessary, and the series would have ended on a much higher note if it stopped with Entwined with You as originally intended.

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