The Caller by Juliet Marillier

This trilogy is such a hidden gem, I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon it.

Faeries, fae courts, tyrant kings, vigilantes, rebellions, strong female leads – These are all so in my wheelhouse, I would have been surprised if I didn’t like this series, but I truly ended up loving it. These books were so whimsical, but so believable. I truly felt like I was with Neryn on all her travels, eating the food she had to eat, sleeping in the non ideal locations, meeting all the companions along the way. I really do think that 2016 is now going to be the year of Juliet Marillier for me. After this trilogy, I just want to consume everything she has ever written.

The Caller starts off where Raven Flight left off – Neryn has already found the Hag of the Isles, she woke up the Lord of the North and, as much of a mystery he is, met the Master of Shadows. All that is left is the White Lady, who seems very hard to find. Neryn is running out of time, because the revolution is coming this summer.

Meanwhile, the king has found another Caller and is using him past his limits. Well, maybe I should say Queen Varda and her terrible right hand man, Brydian, are using the Caller past his limits. The king now has a fae army, against their will of course, and Flint is in charge of it. This book really shows Flint’s moral dilemma and him trying his hardest to keep his head on for the revolution, for Neryn, and for the new Alban that is promised.

Flint was my favorite throughout this series, and this book was no exception. He is a perfect example on how love should complement you, not complete you. He wants Neryn, but he wants her to fulfill her destiny more.

The reason this entire series received four stars, and not five, from me is totally because I like a little more romance in my books. This is just a personal preference, obviously, but when you write a character as perfect as Flint, a girl needs a little something more than what that last 5% gave!

“Don’t punish me for what you see as your own failings. I want to be with you more than anything in the world. I’ve dreamed of this since that day you spoke of, the day you called me ‘my heart’ and surprised me with a kiss. Never mind the handfasting, if you don’t want that. But please don’t push me away. I know you love me. I love you with all my heart. Please give this time.”

Juliet Marillier’s writing lulled me into a completely enthralled state while reading these books. Maybe that’s why every death hurt so much? Maybe that’s why I felt so connected to the characters? Her writing definitely feels hypnotic, and before you know it you’ve read an entire 400 page novel of hers. The world feels so real, and there is nothing lacking in content. These books are really under-hyped masterpieces.

My heart is heavy. I’m not sure I’m ready to say goodbye to Neryn, Flint, Sage and the rest of the Good Folk, yet. But, Tali and Rohan are totally going to hook up. I couldn’t have been the only one to read that sexual tension. So, maybe there is hope for a spinoff?

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