Age of Myth by Michael J. Sullivan

ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Age of Myth is set 3,000 years before the the Riyria Revelations, but don’t be scared because this series is meant to be read separately and there will be no spoilers if you haven’t completed it or even started it.

This book also kind of gave me a Mistborn vibe, because each chapter starts out with a passage from The book of Brin. But unlike Mistborn, there isn’t much of a mystery, because we are quickly introduced to Brin and we know she is an apprentice to one day become the keeper of ways in her village. That basically means she is supposed to remember and tell all of the stories that have happened before and during her time, thus this story unravels.

I actually haven’t read anything by Michael J. Sullivan before, but after reading this I will quickly remedy that. This book was a delight that completely immersed me into this world of gods, men (Rhunes), and men who everyone thinks are gods (Fhrey).

This book has very many characters and very many points of view, but all are inferior to my beloved Suri. She is my newest beautiful little cinnamon roll that is too good for this world, too pure. Suri is an amazing fourteen-ish year old with an equally adorable pet wolf, Minna. She is also a mystic, which means she has some magic and has many means in which to predict the future. One day she gets a premonition in the form of a vision (I did not mean to make that rhyme, but now I’m just thinking about Hamilton) that is going to be disastrous for the whole world. Her old trainer and the woman that raised her, a well respected Augur named Tura, told Suri that if she ever got a vision like this, she had to tell it to the Chieftain of Clan Rhen.

Then we have Persephone, who Suri tells her ill-fated premonition to, because she is the Chieftain’s wife and he is out on a revenge mission to kill a bear that has caused a lot of pain in their village. Persephone is a great female lead, as well, and shows how strong she is time and time again throughout this book. I truly came to love Persephone by the end of this book, and she showed exponential characters growth.

“Welcome the gods,
Heal the injured,
Follow the wolf.”

Even though I said this book has very many points of view, it is first told with three distinct events in mind. That is, until the three story-lines that spring from these three events meet towards the middle and the end of this book. The next story line, and first perspective we actually get to see, is Raithe’s. Raithe only has his father left in his world, and desperate times makes them make a desperate decision to trespass in lands that mere men are not allowed to venture to. After a grave decision that soon changes everyone’s world, Raithe is forced to flee with a slave named Malcom, who has quite an affinity for rocks

“A wise man once told me no man can escape death, but it’s how we run that defines us. And if I have to run, I think I’d like to go where she’s going.”

The last most important view is from a 2,000 year old woman named Arion. Arion is from the Miralyith tribe, which is the tribe that thinks they are pretty much gods or at least the closest thing to it. Arion does not completely share this view, but still holds a very high place of honor in this society and is the tutor to the crown prince. Miralyiths pretty much rule the Instarya tribe, because even though Instaryas have very strong warrior skills, Miralyiths have more powerful magic, which they call the arts. Arion is incredibly skilled in the arts, yet is still somewhat forced to go on a mission to bring back an Instarya captain that has broken rank violently and then went rogue with some of his men.

What happens when these three paths cross is magical and has become one of my favorite reads of 2016. I truly fell in love with this start of what is sure to be an epic series. I literally couldn’t put down the last 20% of this book, I was so enthralled. Michael J. Sullivan did say he wrote the entirety of this series before releasing this first installment, so thank the Lord for that, because I’m not sure I could wait too long to see what happens, especially with that jaw dropping ending twist that I never saw coming.

If you like epic fantasies with high adventure and multiple points of view, I really think you’ll enjoy this. I went into this book not expecting much, mostly because I haven’t read the Riyria Revelations , yet, but I came out incredible happy with all my five star needs met. The world building was outstanding, the character development was fantastic, and the overall story completely captivated me. If you’re on the fence about this book, I say it is definitely worth the gamble and that you will most likely be very satisfied.

Oh, and did I mention the trees talk? Be still, my Raven Boy heart.

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