Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

I couldn’t put this down. Besides the art being gorgeous and the colors being mesmerizing, the story itself was so compelling. It’s an instant recommendation for anyone who enjoys graphic novels.

Ballister Blackheart is a super villain and Nimona is a shapshifter who wants to be his evil sidekick. Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin (yes, the name is great) is the hero, works for the law enforcement of this story, and is Ballister’s arch-enemy! These three characters weave this amazing tale that makes the reader question three things:

1.)Is the hero really a good person?
2.)Is the villain really a bad person?
3.)Can one person be both?

Can we be both? People can be selfish and do horrible things. People can make mistakes, but can also be redeemed by their actions. I think the whole message make the world a little brighter, or hell, at least a little more tolerable.

I found this amazing web-comic a while back, and it totally blew me away. When I found out it was being published as a graphic novel, I knew I had to buy it and review it so I could sing it’s praises (since I refuse to review 20 page comics, volume after volume, on Goodreads).

I am also in love with Noelle Sevenson’s work with the amazing Lumberjanes comics. I recommend both of these pieces of art. They are filled with humor, acceptance and love. These are both graphic novel gems!

Did I mention how gorgeous this book cover and every page inside it is?

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