The Warlord Wants Forever by Kresley Cole

This book’s main character has a very unique race I’m not sure I’ve read about before; Valkyrie. Basically, if a female warrior prayed to/for lightning in their last moments of life, a Valkyrie would be born. Pretty neat stuff, but that’s not even the end of all the amazing races in this novella. It’s also full of vampires, fae, nymphs, demigods, werewolves, demons and more!

Oh, and the vampires in this book are unlike any other vampires I’ve read about. They don’t have heartbeats until they find their soul mates. They also aren’t able to have sex until this happens. Then, when the males find the one, they will perform a blooding. Which is pretty much his need to have sex/drink from her, but the urge is pretty mighty! (I guess the last part is kind of like all the other vampire books… but the heartbeat/soul mate thing is neat!)

Wroth is a total babe of a vampire warrior, who is in search of his soul mate so that he can gain strength from the blooding. Myst is a total seductress who isn’t entirely sure of what she wants, but she’s had a crush on Wroth since he was a human. Fate brings them together in a cute way, and a really enjoyable story unfolds. There are quite a few witty jabs in this that actually made my giggle aloud. The chemistry and banter between these two are wonderful.

Myst, has another unique quality besides being a Valkyrie. She has a gold chain (a brisingamen) around her body, that is unable to be taken off of her. Myst only says it’s for punishment and protection, but it was a cool little addition to this story.

Overall, this was a wonderful little read, that made me really excited to continue on with the rest of this series. They hint at the mystical “Lore” a lot, which I’m guessing is just their magic world, but they also bring up a Lore Queen that I want to know more about. And please, please, give me more Wroth.

6 thoughts on “The Warlord Wants Forever by Kresley Cole

  1. OOOOO this sounds really good!
    Haha so cool to see you on word too, Melanie! It seems we both have a lot of interests besides books, which is really cool. I’ve never played League of Legends, but you say that you really like it. For a noob, what would you recommend?

    I really want to read this book now and it’s good to see the romance worked well 😉 Have you read ACOTAR?


    1. I know, we were obviously meant to be friends! I would totally recommend League of Legends! If you do decided to play, add me: Meltotheany. Right now I’ve been playing a lot of World of Warcraft to get ready for the new expansion next month! But we were obsessed with Overwatch last month, haha! Do you have a battlenet? If so I’m on there, but I’m Meltotheany on Steam, Twitch, everything else game related!

      Yes, I read ACOTAR and ACOMAF! I liked ACOTAR and I freakin’ LOVED ACOMAF! Like, without a doubt it will be on my best of books in 2016! ❤

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      1. OMG gurl!! Where have you been my whole life? Really!
        I’ve been too afraid to venture into MMO’s an dthe like because I’ve no idea where to start, but I really want to now!
        And I’d love to add you when I get home from work on Steam for now. I have to try and save up for classes this semester 😛
        AKDSJSLASLKFJAGH Rhysand is bae ❤
        I'll have to make a battlenet sometime and my friend's obsessed with Overwatch right now haha


      2. Hehe, right? This is how I feel! I’m so happy I stumbled upon your review for Spice & Wolf!

        Rhy is….. EVERYTHING. Like, where the hell can I sign up for the night court?

        I can’t wait to accept you on Steam, but don’t make fun of how much I’ve played Huni Pop and Huni Cam! Haha <3.

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