Saga, Volume 2 by Brian K. Vaughan

I completely loved this. I was enthralled the whole time learning about Hazel and the events that lead up to her creation. This world is so creative and imaginative that I’m just blown away. This is one of the best graphic-novels out, and my words won’t do justice as to why I would recommend this to every living soul.

The main theme in this book is the blind prejudice that all these souls have grown up believing in, because it has always been forced upon them. Everyone can take something out of this lesson, especially with all the hate this election season is bringing.

Hazel being the narrator was such a genius move by Brian K. Vaughan. It is so expertly done, too. One minute you feel your heart being ripped out, the next Hazel is making you laugh out loud. Hazel’s voice is perfect, and watching her journey is magical.

This bind-up gives us flashbacks from the past constantly. It’s done very well, and helps the reader get a way better understand at what Marko and Alana have at stake and why it’s so important that love wins.

I’m now going to break down each chapter in this bind up. There will be SPOILERS, so please use caution in continuing if you have not read this graphic-novel or Vol. 1!

We get to see Marko’s past, the moon he grew up on, and how people started instilling the prejudice of wings very early in children’s lives. Present day Marko is still in the tree space ship with Alana and their baby, Hazel, but the new additions are Marko’s parents. Marko’s mother has banished Izabel to another planet so he and his mother go after her, while Alana and Hazel stay in the ship with his father, who lets her in on a very important secret.

We get to see a glimpse of Alana and Marko first meeting – he was a prisoner and she was a guard. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but I was still very appreciative of the glimpse. We learn that Marko’s father, Barr, is an armorer. Then we see Marko’s ex-girlfriend, Gwendolyn, looking for The Will.

The Will is taking The Stalk’s death very hard. Gwendolyn finds him, promises to help him avenge The Stalk and helping him get back the young sex slave he was unable to save in Vol. 1. He desperately wants to kill Prince Robot IV, and agrees to start back up on his previous mission to find the half-breed baby once they rescue the young girl, who ends up having a pretty powerful ability.

We get to see Alana and Marko’s relationship developing more in the prison. He smuggles her books, and she reads them to him. After Alana is informed that Marko is being sent to a new prison where the captives never come back, she takes action into her own hands and breaks him free. From there on out, they are on the run together. Back in our time, Marko and his mother find and save Izabel. Then, Gwendolyn and The Will are able to locate Marko and Alana thanks to the young girl they rescued. Gwendolyn is probably the most unstable ex-girlfriend of all time, and shoots a missile at their tree ship.

We get to see Hazel being conceived, which was very humanizing. In present time, Marko’s father sacrifices everything he has to protect the ship and his loved ones. Also, this issue kind of broke me, but my heart wasn’t ready for Barr and then for the opener of the next chapter.

First Barr, now this rat medic? I felt my heart just being ripped out of my chest. Then, Prince Robot IV comes to Alana’s favorite author’s house. Thinking she will eventually show up to save him. Little does he know, the whole gang is already there and has been waiting for him.

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