Saga, Volume 3 by Brian K. Vaughan

Vol. 1 ★★★★
Vol. 2 ★★★★

This graphic novel made me more emotional than any other graphic novel ever has. This third installment will really pull on your heartstrings, so be prepared to feel all the feels.

This graphic novel also deals with some pretty BIG themes:
– Being able to love after a loss.
– Following your dreams, no matter what.
– How important, and memorable, it is to read to young children.
– Society’s views on the LGBT community, and how much it needs to change.
– And most importantly, your worth is not dependent on the abuse you have suffered. You can heal and relearn your worth after sexual, physical, and/or mental abuse.

This volume was fantastic and, hands down, my favorite so far! I love Marko and Alana so very much, yet, I love Hazel even more. Her voice is perfect, and I love seeing the journey/struggle of her childhood. Sophie is the other shining-light of this series, to me. I can’t wait to follow both of these two young girls’ journeys for three more volumes. Saga is very quickly becoming the best graphic novel series I’ve ever read.

I’m now going to break down each chapter in this bind up. There will be SPOILERS, so please use caution in continuing if you have not read this graphic-novel, Vol. 1, or Vol. 2!

Kiara, Marko’s mom, is still with our main characters on their tree-ship! She’s still mourning the death of her husband at the end of Vol. 2. The ship is on their way to visit Marko and Alana’s favorite author, D. Oswald Heist, who lives in a lighthouse.

The Will, Gwendolyn, Sophie, and Lying Cat are still searching for Marko and Alana, but the Will is starting to have his doubts, because he is seeing the Stalk.

We are introduced to two reporters, Lipsher and Doff, who are trying to break the case on Alana’s motives. They are poking their noses in anything that resembles a lead on a story, and even visit her step-mom, Even.

The tree-ship lands and everyone meets D. Oswald Heist, who ends up being a pretty great guy.

Countess Robot X, Alana’s first commanding officer, is interviewed by Lipsher and Doff, and they start to realize this story about Alana might be much bigger than they originally even thought.

Sophie stabs the Will, and it doesn’t look like he has long to live. The food on the island they were on was making them all hallucinate, and Sophie’s hallucination made her stab the Will.

Marko and crew have officially bonded with Mr. Heist , and seeing their family fun warmed my heart to no end.

The story these reporters are piecing together is getting scary, and someone calls to have them get “taken care of”. The Will is the first choice, but since he is no longer accepting clients the job gets assigned to the Brand.

Alana expresses her love for acting and theater and Marko is very supportive. Then, the Prince Robot IV confrontation we see with Mr. Heist in Vol. 2 comes into play.

The Will is still dying, so Gwen decides that Marko is her only chance at saving him, so she rushes to the lighthouse.

The Brand meets with the reporters, while Prince Robot IV deals with his sexuality.

Mr. Heist dies by the hands of Gwen, and completely broke my heart for Kiara.

Prince Robot IV is a little fried. Gwen confronts Marko and Alana like the crazy bitch that she is, but thankfully Alana and Marko’s trust runs much deeper than Gwen expects.

We find out the Brand is the Will’s sister, and that he named Sophie after her, and I could barely see the last panels because of all my tears.

I’m so excited for Vol. 4, because we find out that Marko, Alana, and Hazel have had a few months of calmer happiness, therefore, in the next installment Hazel will be much bigger, and walking!

2 thoughts on “Saga, Volume 3 by Brian K. Vaughan

  1. I skipped the majority of the review because spoilers, and because I want to get into graphic novels, and I think this is one I’ll start with! The last panel though… haha, although there is that one quote about how babies are made even in times of war.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t recommend you try Saga enough! It will be an amazing first graphic novel read for you! (And I can’t wait to read your review if you do decided to give it a try!) ❤


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