Magic Stars by Ilona Andrews

This was sixty pages that were packed full of amazing. This was my first Kat Daniels novella and I was not disappointed. This little book probably will make me go back and read all the other novellas that I’ve neglected.

This book stars Derek (The Grey Wolf) and Julie, who has appointed herself with the title of Kate’s Herald. You know, like how Hugh was Roland’s Herald. Many connections between those two concepts were made. We also find out that Julie knows way more than Kat thinks she does. It becomes very apparent that Julie knows many secrets thanks to Roland.

Derek and Julie go on a mission to avenge a family that was killed for a mysterious rock. The duo comes across many obstacles and villains along the way, but my personal favorite (because I’m an extreme Odyssey fangirl) was the letavista, which essentially is a siren that lures men to their deaths. Yet when Derek gets lured in by the beautiful enchantress, something very unexpected happens She tells him “You belong to someone else.”, so he was able to defeat her. This is the moment my fangirl heart exploded and made me say a prayer that IA continues on with this Grey Wolf series.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but for me: I love Julie and Derek together and I will ship that shit until the day IA stops writing.

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