Feversong (Fever, #9) by Karen Marie Moning

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1.) Darkfever ★★★★
*.) The Alpha Alternative: JZB Sex Scene
2.) Bloodfever ★★★
3.) Faefever ★★★
4.) Dreamfever ★★★
5.) Shadowfever ★★★★★
*.) Fever Moon: The Fear Dorcha ★★★★★
6.) Iced ★★★★
7.) Burned
8.) Feverborn

“He kissed me like I was the empire he was sworn to protect and would die a thousand deaths to keep secure. He kissed me like I was a woman with a deep dark wildness that needed to be fed and he knew just how to do it. He kissed me like he was dying and this was the last kiss he would ever taste.”

God, I don’t even know how to rate this book. Part of me wants to give it five stars, and ignore all the problematic things, just because it actually felt like the Fever Series I knew and loved. Yet, another part of me is all riled up and wants to give this book another one star rating, like the past two books, because KMM should know better than to put all these problematic things in another book!

If I was just rating this book with my heart and soul, knowing how privileged my perspective is and ignoring how upsetting some of these themes are, I would give this book five stars, because I truly did love reading it, while pretending the rape culture wasn’t there. But, luckily for my reviews, I use my mind to rate books, and this had some pretty upsetting things in it, that I will get to later in my spoiler section.

I will also say that this book, especially the first part, is really dark. I was actually surprised by the brutality that KMM showed, and it actually shocked me so much I forgot about the mess that was Feverborn. Maybe it helped, because I felt like I went into this story with a clean slate from the shock value alone, but let’s just say that KMM wasn’t scared to kill anyone, and I truly mean anyone.

Feversong picks up right where Feverborn leaves off: Dublin, and all of Earth for that matter, are on the verge of being sucked into a black hole. Mac now is harboring a host that is pretty brutal and Dani is finally getting back to being Dani and learning to leave Jada behind, while accepting her time spent in the Silvers. Dani and Mac are finally back to being friends sisters, and that’s truly all I want from this series. I was living for them being all girl power, working together, and kicking ass.

Dublin still is home to not only humans, but both fae courts:
• Seelie – the “light” or “fairer” court of the Tuatha Dé Danaan governed by the Seelie Queen, Aoibheal, who was a mortal concubine, who was tricked into becoming Fae. She’s also the only one that can sing the Song of Making (which is pretty important in this story).
• Unseelie – the “dark” court of the Tuatha Dé Danaan. The Unseelie King is very mysterious, and communicates with mortals on Earth using a human form (sometimes a cute one). He also has the power to manipulate matter and create things, resulting in many people thinking he is God.

Obviously, Mac and Dani have their hands very full with trying to restore the Earth before it is too late, but they are also faced with ensuring everyone else’s safety. With this being the ninth book in the series, it is almost impossible to talk about anything else without spoiling everything, but I will say that Feversong did impress me much more than Burned and Feverborn, both of which got one star. KMM is definitely improving to make this series what it once was, but she still has some work to do.

If you’ve been unhappy about the last few books, too, you can read the first five chapters for free: Here!

WARNING: The next part of this review will have MAJOR SPOILERS! Please, do not continue on if you have not read Feversong in its entirety! Major, major, major spoilers from this point forward!

Okay, I’m going to try to group together my thoughts in the most non-fangirl way, but I apologize in advance for this gush. I just feel like I have a million thoughts and feelings in my head and I want to get them down on paper.

As I said above, I really enjoyed this book. I felt the same excitement I used to feel while flipping each page before the series was ruined! My favorite part of this story was probably the equal emphasis on Dani and Mac. Before, I felt so cheated when KMM switched the story direction back to Mac’s POV, but this book felt right. I loved seeing Barrons and Mac being Barrons and Mac. It wasn’t forced, or unbelievable, it was nice and made for a really great reading experience.

Dani’s chapters were much harder to read, but I don’t mean that in a negative way, it just made for more tears. Dani’s past was utterly heartbreaking to read about. I found myself sobbing at the end of each chapter. I am so excited that the next two books will fully focus on her, and I hope KMM actually stays true to it. Also, Shazam, Dani’s Hel-Cat, is going to cause so much havoc – I can’t wait!

Even though Dani was all like:

But like, no one is questioning whether or not KMM can write a good sex scene, because… she can.

And people can say what they want about Ryodan, but he was awesome to let Dani experience different things, and not being a selfish prick. I know he gets so much hate for Iced, but he was a standup guy in this book.

Even though I did enjoy Mac’s chapters, while loving the ones involving Barrons, the Sinsar Dubh’s chapters were a little insane. I mean, it made for a quick read and all, but it had a really weird fascination with having sex with Barrons. Like, I’m not holding that against it or anything, but it kept pulling me out of the story.

Barrons was Barrons, so all was perfect. Barrons was my first ever book crush, so he gets away with shit I wouldn’t let other male protagonists get away with. He’s still so dreamy in my eyes and I’m not sure what could ruin that immersion. I like how he trusted Mac, even when he had reason not to trust her, in this book. BB&B is still one of the bookish places I wish I could visit, and I think I always will, especially with this new mysterious mural. Like, if Barrons becomes a Fae King I will seriously lose my shit, and I’m not sure how I could possibly fangirl harder.

Mac being the Queen of the Court of Light was pretty unexpected, but in a good way. I liked this twist, and the scene in BB&B with the little faeries made me giggle like an idiot. The cliffhanger of Cruce not dying and remaking the Court of Darkness makes me feel a lot of negative things! Please, let this love-triangle die in Hell where it belongs. I’ll write more on Cruce being a disgusting rapist later.

Christian is still my favorite side character. Be still, my heart. I love this poor, brooding Unseelie Prince. I was so happy the Song of Making didn’t unmake him. And, also, it’s very obvious that he’s going to end up with Enyo, so maybe KMM is setting up a spin-off for them or something? I was picking up that vibe, at least.

Inspector Jayne turning into a Seelie Prince is like everything I never knew I wanted in this series! I was so freaking happy, and it was so unexpected! Like, seriously, I’m here for him working with Mac again, because their friendship is so great to read about.

Okay, now that I’m done gushing, I’m just going to list the biggest problem with this book and why I am tempted to really drop my rating: The rape culture in this book is fucking strong! As we learned from the original Fever Series, Mac was gang raped by Cruce and three other Unseelie Princes that Barrons and Dani later killed. Cruce was imprisoned, Mac didn’t think it was important enough to tell Barrons that the fourth rapist was Cruce *gags*, but everyone still saw Cruce for the gross, evil villain he truly was/is.

Alright, now let’s flash forward to this book, where Mac not only states numerous times that Cruce isn’t evil, because there are people/books that want to destroy the world, so since that’s worse than rape, then that is what is truly evil, not a little rapist. Plus, she did orgasm and enjoy herself while being gang raped and out of her mind, so, that really emphasizes that Cruce just made a mistake. *Sets fire to everything around me!*

This is not okay. Rape is never okay. I will never condone a book that makes excuses for rape. Rape apologists are fucking disgusting, and this book would have been an easy five stars if Mac, and everyone else, told Cruce that, instead of making excuses or putting him on a “lesser evil” scale. Rape is inexcusable, period, and there is nothing else to say on the topic.

Instead, KMM makes Mac kiss Cruce passionately, while telling him she could have fallen in love with him, instead of Barrons, if she would have only met him first, because that’s the only way to save the whole entire world. Like, how is that supposed to sit okay with me? It feels like daggers in my heart, because I loved the rest of this book, but how am I supposed to ignore that problematic theme and inexcusable action? I can’t, I just can’t.

“Yes, he’d raped me. I’d survived, and the nearly incoherent anger I’d felt for so long was simply gone. What remained was a chaotic world with complex politics and few with power enough to lead the various factions. My experience with the Sinsar Dubh had forever changed me. I’d encountered true evil. Up close and personal. I knew what it was. Cruce was not evil. As a Fae, he was a fine one. Exemplary even. A Fae that sometimes did very bad things to humans.”

The other thing that is a little gross, too, is Dancer’s death. Okay, hear me out; I ship Dani and Ryodan. I ship them, because I feel like KMM has set them up together from the start. I completely understand people who shipped Dani with Dancer, and even the amazing Christian, but, for me, this story has always been told in a point of view that has Dani and Ryodan be end game.

Obviously, there was no easy way for Dani to pick, even though she sort of tried to pick Ryodan, so KMM made the choice easy for her, while also giving a little bit of fan service to the Dancer and Dani shippers. Dani went back and forth, constantly comparing the two guys, but once I read about Dancer’s condition I knew KMM was going to pull the trigger. Yes, KMM took the easy way out and it did feel a little bad, even as a Ryodan shipper, I’m not going to lie.

Dancer’s death impacted me unexpectedly hard. I’m totally going to understand the fans that will be upset and all of their feelings are completely valid, but I kind of liked the emphasis on how precious life is, especially in an apocalyptic world. We are all truly on borrowed time, and I enjoyed the message of how important it is to spend time doing what you love with the people you love.

Besides those two things, which I know the one is freakin’ huge and I definitely do not want to ever gloss it over as a minor mistake, I really did enjoy reading this. If you could eliminate that kiss with Cruce, this would be an easy five star book, which is pretty insane when I’ve given the last two in this series one star. Hopefully, KMM can only learn and grow and the next Dani book can blow me and my expectations out of the water, too.

10 thoughts on “Feversong (Fever, #9) by Karen Marie Moning

  1. I read the Fever Moon comic a few months back. It was 2 bucks on a clearance rack at Books a Million so I figured why not. The bad guy, damned if I can remember his name, was very interesting. The fae seemed like they could be, but it didn’t really go into that much. I haven’t decided if I should bother with the novels though. It gets pretty mixed ratingd on Goodreads. After seeing your 1 star ratings for those later books would you recommend starting this series?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I honestly can’t recommend them with a clear conscious. I really loved the original five when I was young and starting college, but I feel like I wouldn’t have gave them the rating I did if I were to read them now. Also, KMM has done some shady stuff, to the point that I get the books from the library because I refuse to buy them. She would have been a lot better off to never write the continuation series. Even though I did enjoy this book, it’s been such a struggle!

      But hopefully if you do decided to give them a try, you will enjoy them! And I’m sorry my answer is so negative. Happy reading! 💗

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