Seven Princes of the Thousand Year Labyrinth, Vol. 2 by Aikawa Yu & Atori Haruno

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Vol. 1 (Chapters 1 – 4): ★★★★★

“Blood is nothing but a liquid. It carries no miracles.”

Gosh, I am so addicted to this manga series. The basic premise of this story is that seven princes from seven different places of this land are trapped in a castle that was long forgotten. Now, the only people who talk about the Thousand Year Labyrith think about it as a fairytale. The boys are now forced to discover how to get out of this castle, with a whole lot of problems, traps, puzzles, and riddles adding to their problems. Oh, and there is constantly rising water increasing the difficulty of surviving, too!

All seven of these young men are not just princes of their land, but they are also masters/prodigies of a certain thing:
Laurence Ackroyd – Master of martial arts, unbeaten champion, and my soon to be husband.
Titus Ram – Leader of a band of thieves, has been living in imprisonment.
Messiah Reed – Master Detective, who captured Titus before this adventure.
Zan Audubon – Very beloved singer, who is also blind and never forgets a voice.
Gideon Redfield – Prominent public rights activist, was the front runner for the throne.
Amadeus Frockhert – Student body representative and top mathematics student.
Katherine/August Morgan – From the wealthiest merchant family, also keeper of this mysterious castle, and also harboring a pretty big secret.
Ewan Juno – The only non-prince, student from the island, typical normal/ordinary guy.

In Vol. 1 we discovered our first dead body, but in Vol. 2 we discover another in addition to learning about the treasure of a thousand years. Once discovered, it is said to also find a testament of the ruler, which will make the finder the controller of worlds.

In this volume we learn so much about the leader of thieves, Titus, and why he is not only in the castle with the other boys, but why he is so desperate to find this treasure. Seriously, I love Titus and this installment warmed my heart.

My only real complaint is that, despite being on the cover, we do not get to see much from my favorite character, Laurence, even though the main protagonist, Ewan, is always in search for him. Also, with the *extra* ending scene that is in this bind-up, I better not be getting queer baited here, because… I’m currently living for this ship. Be still, my heart.

Speaking of endings, Vol. 3 is going to be so highly anticipated! Like, I need it now and, more importantly, I need to find out who Othello Blackmore is. Is he the traitor or “the devil” or is he a helpless victim in all of this?

Again, if you’re a fan of the video game series Danganronpa then I think you’d really enjoy this. If not, then you should give this a try anyway because it’s a growing murder mystery surrounding seven hot princes who I’m pairing up and shipping like the world is ending. I love these characters and this story, and I recommend this with every bone in my body!

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