Book Reviewers that I Absolutely Love and Completely Recommend

I just wanted to write up a quick post about some people in the book community that mean an immense amount to me and deserve all the recognition in the world! These people are amazing reviewers, who are always honest and critical, and probably the reason my TBR shelf looks the way it does.

Khanh from The Alliterates
I can count on one hand how many books me and Khanh disagree on. I trust her reviews more than I trust anyone’s in the book community, and I honestly live for her one star reviews. Not only is she the best reviewer I know, she is also a video game playin’, Harry Potter lovin’, bunny mom, too!

Mogsy from Biblio Sanctum
Honestly, Mogsy is the SFF Queen! She is constantly reviewing the newest Sci-Fi and Fantasy and is probably the biggest reason my TBR shelf looks like it is about to break. Her reviews are so absolutely brilliant, and I hope to be half as good as her one day.

Paloma from Bookish Paloma
Paloma is one of my oldest friends in the book world, and she has helped me more than she will ever know. She has been on Goodreads reviewing for a long time, but has just recently started her own blog! She is so very lovely, and her buddy reads, gushes, and Snapchats mean so much to me.

Bentley from Book Bastion
Bentley has some of the best and most important discussions in the book community, where he never shames or discourages anyone regardless of their opinions. He also writes outstanding reviews, and has some book aesthetics that are to die for.

SueBee from Shh… [Smut, Heroes & HEAs…]
Sue is seriously the Queen of Romance and Erotica! She constantly is telling everyone on Goodreads about free books, and has the best naughty but addicting recommendations. She is also such a hard worker that is always promoting new or lesser heard of authors and doing giveaways for them.

Petrik from
Some of my best bookish moments of 2017 have been buddy reading books with him. Petrik started blogging at the end of last year, but his content is phenomenal. I’m also completely biased, because, like Mogsy, Petrik reads everything I read and/or want to read.

Mary from Leafy Dream
Mary is a little busy with school right now, but is my go to for manga, anime, light novels, otome, and all things Japanese to be honest. She’s stunning and has such wonderful content that has helped me so very much.

Cory from Navessa Allen
Okay, I could probably make a post by itself about Cory, because she has quite literally changed my life, but I’ll try to keep it short. Navessa is her pen-name, because she is also an amazing writer on top of being one of the best reviewers on Goodreads. She also posts her reviews on The Alliterates with Khanh. And she is also the reason why I am a feminist, because she opened my eyes at a time in my life when I was choosing to keep them closed. She is such a beautiful human and I have no words for how impactful her and her reviews have been on me.

These are just a handful of people I love in the book world, but these eight have truly helped me be a better book reviewer and I’m forever thankful for their kindness and friendship. Obviously I recommend checking them out and seeing their awesomeness for yourselves, because they all really are spectacular! Happy reading, everyone!💗

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26 thoughts on “Book Reviewers that I Absolutely Love and Completely Recommend

  1. Aww thank you Mel! you’re too sweet but seriously though, so grateful for your friendship and book recommendations! Looking forward to our next BR! 🙂

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