A Fading Sun (The Sunpath Cycle #1) by Stephen Leigh

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ARC provided by Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review.

“The problem with ghosts is that they don’t quite realize they’re dead.”

A Fading Sun is a paranormal, yet spiritual, revenge story that really displays the consequences of war. Our main protagonist, Voada, is from a tribal clan that was long conquered by the Mundoans. Now, Voada lives among them, in a place of power, where many of the less fortunate defeated people work as servants and slaves. Voada married a Mundoan man who is kind, and gentle, and everything she could ask for in a husband. Together they made two children who they love more than life itself. Yet, Voada never forgets the way of her ancestors and she has a gift that constantly reminds her of her roots.

Voada can see and communicate with ghosts. It is a family trait that she must keep hidden from all the Mundoan people. Voada will help these lost souls find their path so they are not stuck lingering in our world. The gift she has is easy to keep secret, until she meets a ghost who she is unable to communicate with, because it wants to help her find a new path.

Then one frightful day, Voada has no choice but to follow the ghost who is unlike any other she’s met before. Voada’s life changes completely while she is trying to learn the gift from her defeated people. All while a new war is beginning to ensure that the clans will never rise up and defeat the Mundoans. Voada is forced to take a side, learn more about her gifts, and fight, or lose everything she’s ever loved.

Trigger warnings: graphic violence and promises/threats of rape.

This story wasn’t bad by any means whatsoever. In fact, I really enjoyed the first third of this book and didn’t want to put it down. Unfortunately, once Voada began her journey, my interest declined and continued to decline until the last few chapters of the book. If what I said above interests you, you will probably totally enjoy this; it just wasn’t for me for some reason.

“Hearts are fickle muscles. They can lead you to be rash and too quick”

6 thoughts on “A Fading Sun (The Sunpath Cycle #1) by Stephen Leigh

    1. This was just a really hard one for me. I just never wanted to pick it up. Maybe it was my mood, I’m not sure, but I just felt it was so boring after the first exciting/heartbreaking part. 😭💗


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