August 2017 Book Haul

Hey, guys! I hope you all had an amazing August! I’ve received a lot, a lot of ARCs. Like, I’ve received borderline too many ARCs! I also bought a few ebooks while they were on sale. August 27th was my birthday, so I’m hauling everything from that, too, but expect even more in September once I fly back home to Vegas. But here is everything I have with me in Michigan right now! Enjoy!


Wild Beauty | All the Crooked Saints | Jane, Unlimited


The Dark of the Moon | Black Bird of the Gallows | 27 Hours


Dread Nation | Heart of Iron | Ever the Brave
Three Sides of a Heart | The Bloodprint | They Both Die at the End


Raven’s Mark | The Abyss Surrounds Us | The Air He Breathes


The Essex Serpent

It’s kind of a family tradition; each year on me or my loved ones’ birthdays, we always go to a bookstore and pick out a book and then write inside of it for a memory. This year, I picked out The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry.

Wonder Woman: Warbringer

I am such a sucker of anything Leigh Bardugo, and I always want to support her! So, even though I had already prepurchased the Waterstones special edition of Wonder Woman: Warbringer (DC Icons #1), I still went to Flint’s Barnes & Noble on August 28th to buy the American edition upon release.


Stardew Valley Guidebook

One of my best friends of all time, Cory, gifted me this for my birthday! It was such a thoughtful and kind gift, because it incorporates my two favorite things: books and video games! SDV was probably my favorite video game release of 2016! And me and him have loved playing it and talking to each other about it. We cannot wait for multiplayer to be implemented, so me and him can binge play it while creating the best farms of any town, anywhere!

Okay, I think that’s everything! I expect September to be way more crazy, once I’m finally home and can open all the book mail waiting for me! August was still too big, especially with ARCs, but I am so thankful for everything I received!

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21 thoughts on “August 2017 Book Haul

  1. OMG what an amazing haul. Evidently, you had a blast on your birthday! Dreadnation, The blood print, Heart of iron… I don’t know how you’re going to choose which to get to first 😂

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    1. Girl, I squealed. I have the highest of hopes! I have so many September and early October ARCs to finish before release, but all I’m thinking about is sitting down with it and ENJOYING. 💖

      Let me know if you get it! 🤞🏼xx

      Liked by 1 person

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