The 2017 Goodreads Power User Summit

These past few days, I’ve been at the Goodreads Power User Summit in San Francisco! It was such an amazing experience and opportunity that it’s hard to express with words! And I am beyond words of gratitude with how thankful I am that I was able to go. Goodreads is such an incredible company, and I will never forget this experience. Plus, I feel so blessed to have been able to connect with so many amazing readers and reviewers from Goodreads, and to just talk and gush about books while being surrounded by book lovers constantly!

I took a ton of pictures of the city, and a few pictures at Goodreads’ headquarters, so I figured I would share some with you guys. This was such a phenomenal and memorable trip, and I couldn’t help but make a blog post about it, too!

I completely lost my mind when I found out that Chelsea was also going to be at the summit! She is one of my oldest book reviewing friends, and it was like a dream come true to meet her! And, yes, she is actually freakin’ beautiful (inside and out)!

And this is us with Emily May, the Goodreads Queen, and such a kind and sweet soul. I was so intimidated to meet her at first, but she was absolutely lovely. I am so grateful for meeting her.

Emma, from emmmabooks, was the first person I met at the summit! I couldn’t believe she was there, because she is one of my favorite Booktubers and her voice is so important in the book community! I loved being able to spend time with her and it was so great being able to hang out and get to know her!

And this is all of us with the CEO of Goodreads, Otis Chandler.

This is me and my amazing new friend, Kristie, who I couldn’t believe I wasn’t Goodreads friends with! Seriously, she’s so sweet and amazing, and I am so thankful to have met her at the summit!

All of these ladies, and everyone else that was invited, were so wonderful. The best part of this entire summit was just meeting and connecting with these people, and now being able to actually call them friends.

And here are some pictures from me just exploring the city:

And here are some pictures of the hotel I stayed at, the Galleria Park Hotel:

And what would the post be if I didn’t gush about all the free books? Goodreads was so generous! And you are constantly surrounded by free books that they want you to take. Like, I felt like a kid in a candy story! But I tried to be reasonable, and I had to walk a few blocks back to my hotel, so I only took a few:

And the book that is open is The Bear and the Nightingale, but they specially picked and signed it for me! I love it so much, and it will be something I cherish for the rest of my life!

Thank you so much, Goodreads, for an experience that I will never forget and for continuing to be a website that has changed my life so significantly since I joined. And thank you to everyone that works for Goodreads and Amazon, who helped put this amazing opportunity together. Seriously, every employee was so kind, warm, and welcoming. I am forever grateful. 💕📖✨

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42 thoughts on “The 2017 Goodreads Power User Summit

    1. Thank you for your kind words! And I totally think you could get invited next year! Just be on the lookout in your email next August! And I would have LOVED to meet you, too! You need to plan a Vegas trip! 💗


    1. Thank you, Raven! Yeah, it was such an amazing experience! And All the Goodreads and Amazon employees were so kind, welcoming, and generous! I still can’t believe I was able to go! 💗


      1. Wow, I’m really bad at this blogging thing just seeing this comment for the first time I’m sorry it took so long to reply seriously! You are very sweet and looking forward to more of you in 2018 (: Ily2 xoxo

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