A Monstrous Love: Two Halloween Romances by Magen Cubed

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you all have a fun and safe time tonight! πŸ‘»πŸŽƒπŸ‚

And what better way to celebrate Halloween than to review two short stories about monstrous girls in love that is FREE right now!

And by short stories, I truly mean short stories. Like, you can finish both of these tales in fifteen minutes tops! But they will both completely get you into the Halloween mood, so I totally recommend reading before you guys go out tonight!

➽The HAUNTING OF DIVINIA – This story stars a girl who recently moved into a new home, but a ghost has seemed to follow her. This story unexpectedly hit me pretty hard and I think has a beautiful message about grief and carrying pain that is more than words can express. Also, spooky haunted new house and a ghost!

➽TASTE – This story feels much more in the horror vein, and has to do with two girlfriends enjoying a lovely meal. This is the much more creepy story, and it might have been a little predictable for me, but I still really enjoyed it!

Again, these are both very short stories, but they both feel so very eerie and were exactly what I was looking to read today on Halloween! And like, I always want to read about queer monster girls, let’s be real. Happy Halloween, guys! Stay safe and spooky!

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Buddy read with my favorites beautiful queer spooky girls: Elise & Destiny! ❀

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