Twisted Palace (The Royals, #3) by Erin Watt

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1.) Paper Princess ★★★
2.) Broken Prince ★★

Man, oh, man! That was quite the ride! And, I know that you guys are probably thinking I’m going to be negative because of the two star rating, but I honestly got so much enjoyment from this series.

Twisted Palace is the third book and concluding arc for Reed and Ella’s storyline! At least, I think, because a few of my friends have notified me that Fallen Heir is all about Easton (my favorite Royal, hands down)! So, you guys are safe on putting bets down that I will binge that book immediately after Halloween!

And this book immediately picks up where Broken Prince’s cliffhanger left off! Ella and Reed’s relationship is definitely put to the test, and the soap opera twists never cease to continue! Drama ensues, and never stops ensuing if I’m being honest, but I am very much satisfied with the ending of this book, even if there were a few convenient loose ends.

I’ve stated in both of my reviews for Paper Princess and Broken Prince that this series has a lot of problematic elements that I know many of my bookish friends wouldn’t enjoy. And trigger warnings: losing a parent, underage sexual content (17), physical abuse, sexual assault, attempted rape, underage drinking, drug use, addiction, a lot of slut shaming, and a lot of toxic male masculinity. So please use caution before going into this book.

And even though the main protagonists in this series are in high school, this is not a YA book in the slightest! This is NA and has a lot of sexual and erotic scenes that should only be read by mature audiences. So please use caution when starting any of these books.

Overall, I really enjoyed these three books, even with giving the last two only two stars each. These are the perfect fluffy, addicting reads and at this point I truly will auto buy everything that Elle Kennedy has a part in, because her stories are always magic. Maybe magic with a little toxic male masculinity with some problematic content, but addicting magic none the less!

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12 thoughts on “Twisted Palace (The Royals, #3) by Erin Watt

    1. Oh gosh!! But you’re the first person I know that’s read Fallen Heir, so this makes me… worried, because I totally trust you. But, my glutton for punishment self will totally read it soon and I’ll let you know! Hahaha. And thank you, love. Happy Halloween! 💗🎃

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