BlizzCon 2017

Okay, I know this isn’t book related, but earlier this month I attended BlizzCon 2017 and had such an amazing time that I couldn’t help but want to share a few of the pictures on here with everyone!


Again, I apologize this isn’t bookish content, but Blizzard games have been such a staple in my life for more than a decade and I couldn’t help but want to share the joy it brings me with all of you! I hope you guys enjoyed something different, but happy reading, lovelies!

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24 thoughts on “BlizzCon 2017

    1. I know, trying to get tickets is…. rough! But it would have been amazing if you were able to go next year, love! And if you play PC, you should add me on battlenet ( and we should play sometime! 💗


  1. A game I loved but am banned from playing. 😦 Grrrrh. My husband uninstalled it, hid the discs, unsubscribed and shut me out of the Blizzard website after I had a carpal tunnel from playing for six months. Used to pull off 16-17 hours a day. Gone are the golden days…Glad you enjoyed. Wish I could go to one of these cons.

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