November 2017 Book Haul

Hey, lovelies! I hope you’re all having a beautiful day! Welcome to another monthly post where you slowly learn how much I’m lacking in self-control! Here are all the books I received in the month of November!


The Throne of Amenkor | Furyborn | Before I Let Go | Roomies | Reign of the Fallen | Ash Princess | To Kill a Kingdom | Robots vs. Fairies


Illustrated Fantastic Beasts | Artemis | Little Fires Everywhere | The Bear and the Nightingale | Turtles All the Way Down | The Book of Etta | Her Body and Other Parties


Children of Blood and Bone
(I’m still crying over this)


Blood Song | Marriage Games | Bad Habit


The Glass Spare

Okay, maybe this month wasn’t that bad. I mean, December is probably going to be wild from my loved ones gifting me books for the holidays! But we will see! I hope you all enjoyed seeing my lack of self-control when it comes to book buying and ARC requesting! Happy reading, lovelies!

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12 thoughts on “November 2017 Book Haul

  1. Iehhks your physical arc haul is awesome!!
    Have you read furyborn yet? It’s EPIC <3!!!
    And Robots vs Faeries sounds so awesome, I've added it to my own wishlist recently. Can't wait till it releases and I can buy it xD

    Really, really nice bookhaul!
    also: BEAUTIFUL pics, as always

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    1. You are too kind, Melissa! I haven’t read Furyborn, yet, but now I’m excited if you loved it! And oh my gosh, I have 3 stories left in Robots vs Fairies, but I really am enjoying it! Also, it’s not netgalley if you want to request it! And…. YOU ARE TOO SWEET! Thank you for your kind words! And happy reading, beautiful! ❄️💗✨

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    1. ME TOO! I am feigning so hard at looking at a few of these “later” 2018 releases…. I’m not sure I can resist for much longer! Hahaha. And thank you, beautiful. ❄️☃️🎄


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