December 2017 Wrap Up

Happy last day of 2017, guys! I can’t believe we are already at the end of the year, but I’m looking forward to 2018 and all the new promises it will bring. I hope you guys read some amazing books in December and were able to complete all the goals and reading you wanted to before 2018 starts. I was able to read eleven things, and I truly enjoyed them all but one!

Like always, you can click the links in each of the titles if you would like to read a more in-depth review of each book and see the individual trigger and content warnings.

The Girl in the Tower (Winternight Trilogy #2) by Katherine Arden – ★★★★★
The Girl in the Tower picks up right where The Bear and the Nightingale left off. Vasya is leaving the only home she has ever known, and has chosen to see the world that is beyond the forest that surrounds her family’s home. I loved this book with the sum of my being. This book is so very powerful, and I can’t even find the words to express how much this series means to me. The Winter of the Witch is easily my most anticipated release of 2018 now. This series is such a magical treat, and I hope you all do yourselves a favor and pick it up.

Outlander (Outlander #1) by Diana Gabaldon – ★★★★
Buddy read with Paloma! ❤ I’ll be honest, I honestly didn’t expect to like this, but I very, very much did. I was a complete Outlander virgin; I’ve never read the books, I’ve never watched the show, and somehow none of my friends had spoiled me for any of the events in any of these books. But I really loved the writing, the atmosphere, and the characters.

Three Sides of a Heart: Stories about Love Triangles edited by Natalie C. Parker – ★★★
Buddy read with Alexis over at The Sloth Reader (my favorite BookTuber) & Destiny (my favorite blogger)! ❤ I did enjoy this, but this collection uses the term “love triangle” very loosely, in my opinion. Some of the stories could have probably benefited from a stricter use of the word. It was so very diverse in race, sexuality, settings, social structures, and more, and I really appreciated it. I honestly felt like the majority of these stories had a queer aspect to them and that brings so much joy to me. A few of the stories even beautifully showcases budding polyamorous relationships, which is almost unheard of in YA! But like all anthologies, this was a mixed bag, yet overall, I really did enjoy reading this anthology for the most part. I also feel like there is a big enough variety that most people will come out with at least a couple five star stories out of the sixteen.

Godsgrave (The Nevernight Chronicle #2) by Jay Kristoff – ★★★★★
Buddy read with Jules! ❤ Godsgrave picks up right after the events of Nevernight. But whereNevernight felt like an adult Harry Potter (with an amazingly gothic floo powder network) where our main protagonist, Mia, is learning to become an assassin for the Red Church and the Lady of Blessed Murder, Godsgrave is an all-out gladiator gauntlet, where our characters are fighting to the death and only the very best may rise in rank. I loved this.

The Star-Touched Queen (The Star-Touched Queen #1) by Roshani Chokshi – ★★★★
Buddy read with Sonja! ❤ ! The Star-Touched Queen is a loosely based retelling of the Greek mythology surrounding Hades and Persephone, but told in a setting to completely celebrate Indian culture. I loved every aspect of the retelling, but I also loved every new and inventive way Roshani crafted this into her own story. This was lush, and engaging, and so romantic. This was an absolute treat to read.

Oathbringer (The Stormlight Archive #3) by Brandon Sanderson – ★★★★★
I’m a big slacker and haven’t posted this review to my blog yet, but it will come the first week on January! This is the third book is The Stormlight Archives, and it surpassed every single expectation I set for it, while being the very last book to make it on my “best of 2017” list. I love the characters, I love the world, I love the action, I love the crossovers, I love these books so much.

Weaver’s Lament (Industrial Magic #2) by Emma Newman – ★★★
Weaver’s Lament picks right up where Brother’s Ruin left off; our main protagonist, Charlotte, is still reeling from the events that took place, while also trying to uncover secrets that many higherups are trying to keep hidden. Charlotte also lives in Great Britain in the 1850s, where people are still ignorant and believe that a woman’s place is in the house and only in the house. Charlotte is trying to appease her family and fiancé that feel this way, but Charlotte is a very talented illustrator, who sells her work under a man’s pen name. Obviously, this book has a lot of social commentary about women’s rights and equality, but the main plot of each book is truly about Charlotte uncovering a mystery.

The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert – ★
Honestly, this was one of the worst things I’ve read this entire year and I know it will be one of my biggest disappointments with 2018 releases. feel like this is marketed as a YA Fantasy, when it takes the reader almost 250 pages, out of a 360 page book, to even get into the fantasy aspect and by that time I couldn’t care less about some pseudo Alice in Wonderland. This reads like a YA Contemporary Mystery and that is not a genre that I enjoy reading in the slightest, so maybe that is the main reason this didn’t work for me. And on top of it all, there was some really questionable content with a PoC side character, too.

Saga, Vol. 7 (Saga #7) by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples – ★★★★★
The most emotional installment yet, but also maybe the best. I loved this so much and I’m so damn attached to this entire cast, crew, and family. There is a reason why this is the most talked about graphic novel series, and this volume proves it. I cannot wait for Volume 8 to drop in a few days!

Blood Vow (Black Dagger Legacy #2) by J.R. Ward – ★★★★
You guys know I love JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and this is about the new generation of recruits trying to join the ranks. I loved this and it was just what I needed to get out of my slump after The Hazel Wood. It was fast paced, funny, smart, had some pretty amazing sexy scenes, and had a wonderful discussion about adoption and found families always at the forefront. This installment was also very empowering and feministic and I really appreciated it. I cannot wait for the third book to come out in January, because I always want more and more BDB in my life.

The Eleventh Metal (Mistborn 0.5) by Brandon Sanderson – ★★★★
This is a prequel story to the Mistborn series! It’s very short, but I absolutely loved the story. And, to be completely honest, I love seeing anything that stars Kelsier! This story centers around a man named Gemmel who is teaching Kelsier to use his Mistborn powers. And his powers are eventually put to the test when he is required to fight another Mistborn who is up to some no-good deeds. Again, this story obviously takes place before the events in The Final Empire, where Kelsier is already a confirmed badass with his powers. And just seeing Kelsier’s dynamic with his Allomantic teacher, who is obviously talking to someone who plays a much bigger part in this trilogy, brought such a smile to my face the entire time while reading.

And besides reading these eleven things, I was also able to participate in my good friend Destiny’s Yule Ball Readalong/Book Bingo! I didn’t clear the entire board, but I was able to complete my Gryffindor line, and that’s all I truly cared about!

Besides The Hazel Wood, I had such an amazing end of the year reading month! I was able to finish up so many things, and I was very happy with my final total of 130 books read! I cannot believe tomorrow is the start of a new year, but I’m wishing you guys the absolute best for the new years and for always. Thank you again for this year or reading and sharing your love for books with me. It means more to me than any of you will ever know. Happy reading, loves! And Happy New Year!

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December 2017 Book Haul

Hey, lovelies! I hope you all had an amazing holiday season! I was very blessed to have an amazing one, filled with my family, friends, and their unconditional love, and them all giving me way too many books! I also put in another order with Book Outlet for their Boxing Day Sale, so expect that in January, but here is everything else I received in the month of December!


The Infernal Battalion | The Heart of what was Lost | The Girl in the Tower | Grey Sister | The Tombs (Thanks, Spider Queen Elise!) | The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion | The Barrow Will Send What it May


Easton Press Pride & Prejudice | Forest of a Thousand Lanterns | The Language of Thorns (FairyLoot) | The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland | The Tower of Swallows | The Lady of the Lake | Great Expectations | Three Dark Crowns | Night of Cake and Puppets (Thanks, Destiny, my love!) | Dreamdark


A Crown of Wishes | The Gracekeepers | The Muse | The Refrigerator Monologues | Within the Sanctuary of Wings | The Starlit Woods | Forever, Interrupted | One True Loves | The Miniaturist | Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge | Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day | Brother’s Ruin | Cold-Forged Flame | A Scot in the Dark | The Rogue not Taken


Foolish Hearts

At this point, I honestly need to buy another bookshelf! My four are probably going to collapse at any given moment, and my closet is starting to look like its own little library. But I am so very thankful, blessed, and privileged to receive all of these books, and I will cherish every single one always. I hope you guys received some good books for the holidays! And happy reading, always!

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Weaver’s Lament (Industrial Magic #2) by Emma Newman

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ARC provided by Tor in exchange for an honest review.

1.) Brother’s Ruin ★★★

Weaver’s Lament picks right up where Brother’s Ruin left off; our main protagonist, Charlotte, is still reeling from the events that took place, while also trying to uncover secrets that many higherups are trying to keep hidden. Charlotte also lives in Great Britain in the 1850s, where people are still ignorant and believe that a woman’s place is in the house and only in the house. Charlotte is trying to appease her family and fiancé that feel this way, but Charlotte is a very talented illustrator, who sells her work under a man’s pen name. Obviously, this book has a lot of social commentary about women’s rights and equality, but the main plot of each book is truly about Charlotte uncovering a mystery.

And this mystery is brought to Charlotte’s attention by her brother that she helps in Brother’s Ruin. I’ll be honest, I actually really hate her brother and I wish Charlotte wasn’t such a good sister to him. Charlotte’s brother, Ben, has finished his studies with the Royal Society and is now an apprentice that is overlooking the operation of a textile mill. Yet, someone or something is sabotaging the machines and the mill, so he asks Charlotte to go undercover to try to see who or what is causing the problem.

The Royal Society is for people with magical powers and it helps them learn to harness their powers in a way that won’t make them turn wild. Turning wild happens to magic users who don’t turn themselves in to the Royal Society for training. Oh, and Charlotte is a super powerful magic user who has yet to turn herself in.

Charlotte, while working with Magus Thomas Hopkins, quickly discovers what is happening behind the scenes of the mill. But more importantly, she discovers the unfair and inhumane treatment of the workers who have nowhere else to go and are stuck in a cycle of oppression working at the mill and eventually dying at the mill with no opportunity for advancement. This book beautifully talks about social constructs and the oppression cycles we put groups of people in, without a chance to better their lives, but while always belittling them for not “breaking the cycle.” Charlotte becomes very aware of her privilege, and I hope in book three we get to see her act on this information.

But this was a quick read that I really did enjoy. Also, the angst is just killing me between Charlotte and Hopkins at this point. I also feel like there are 100 different threads going in 1000 different directions, and I need to know all the secrets of the Royal Society and this world. I cannot wait to pick up the next installment in this series and I’m so thankful I was able to read this one before the end of 2017!

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2018 Reading Goals

Hey, lovelies! I just wanted to make a real quick little post that hits on some of my 2018 reading goals! I don’t like to put too many restrictions on myself or my reading, because I always want this to feel like a fun hobby and not a strict job, because sometimes when I put too much pressure on myself (especially with ARCs) it just makes reading not as much fun. Yet, I couldn’t start a brand new year without talking about some of the things I want to accomplish in my reading life on my book blog! Again, theses aren’t that strict, but they are things that are important to me and that I hope to succeed with!

➽ Read 100 Books! 💗
I’ve done this with somewhat ease for the last few years, but I still want this to be the number one bookish goal I set for myself. I feel like 100 books for me is perfect with the amount of time life gives me to read, and it also gives me a big enough pool to choose lots of favorites from, from a lot of different genres and subgenres! 100 books is definitely my sweet spot that I love hitting each year!

Read a Graphic Novel each month! 💗
This goal is mostly because I buy so many damn graphic novels and I just let them sit on my shelf. I have way more than twelve unread volumes, so I’m hoping to be able to pick anything I really want and will enjoy in any moment.

Read a Manga or Light Novel each month! 💗
This goal is for the same reason as wanting to read a graphic novel each month; I buy so much manga and I just don’t read it. Sometimes I’ll binge a series, but that still doesn’t make up for the amount of unread manga on my shelves. Hopefully I can read at least 12 this year!

Be Better with Audio Books! 💗
Okay, this is going to probably be the toughest one for me. I used to always listen to audio books at the gym, and I haven’t been going to the gym lately. So maybe this is like a two-part goal, where it will motivate me to go to the gym more, too. But basically, I just feel like I could easily squeeze at least one more book into my monthly wrap ups if I was consuming it on audio during downtime I have. Hopefully I can just train or condition myself to listen more, especially when playing video games.

Read ONE Classic! 💗
You all, don’t make fun of me. This was actually a goal of mine in 2017, and guess what? I didn’t do it. I have so many friends that read and love classics, but they very rarely ever work for me or make me feel any connection. I honestly hope to read more than one this year, but again, I’m putting the least amount of pressure on me as possible! But seriously, I hope I can actually accomplish it this year.

Read More Things I Want! 💗
Now this kind of goes with the pressure I was talking about above, but sometimes I just get so wrapped up in ARCs, new releases, and buddy reads, that I just let older things I really want to read fall by the wayside. Especially with SFF being my favorite, there is so much of an older backlog that I’d love to be able to accomplish more, without worrying about what I feel like I *have* to read.

Read More Diversely with a Heavy Emphasis on Own Voices! 💗
This is something very important to me, and I’ll always continue to put on every goal list I make each and every year. I can always do better, and I can always do more to boost more marginalized voices. I feel like I get better at this every year, but it is something I always want to be striving to do more of.

And I think that’s everything! I wish you all the best of luck with your 2018 personal and reading goals. I still can’t believe we are almost in 2018, but I hope this year is amazing for each and every one of us. Happy reading, loves!

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My Top 18 Most Anticipated Releases of 2018

Hey lovelies! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas yesterday (for those of you who celebrate)! I wanted to do a little some special for the day after it, so these are the eighteen books I am most looking forward to in 2018. Some of these I’ve already read (and five star loved, hence them being on this list)! Some of these I have ARCS for and I hope live up to all the exceptions I’m putting on them! And some of these, I’m just wishful thinking. Regardless, I hope you guys enjoy seeing the books I’m most looking forward to, and hopefully I might introduce you to something that wasn’t originally on your book radar!

The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air #1) by Holly Black – January 2nd, 2018 ★★★★★

Beneath the Sugar Sky (Wayward Children #3) by Seanan McGuire – January 9th, 2018 ★★★★★

Iron Gold (Red Rising Saga #4) by Pierce Brown – January 16th, 2018

The Armored Saint (The Sacred Throne #1) by Myke Cole – February 20th, 2018 ★★★★★

Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston – February 27th, 2018 (I have an ARC!)

Children of Blood and Bone (Legacy of Orïsha #1) by Tomi Adeyemi – March 6th, 2018 (I have an ARC!)

High Voltage (Fever #10) by Karen Marie Moning – March 6th, 2018

The Heart Forger (The Bone Witch #2) by Rin Chupeco – March 20th, 2018 (I have an ARC!)

Dread Nation by Justina Ireland – April 3rd, 2018 ★★★★★

Circe by Madeline Miller – April 10th, 2018

The Thief (Black Dagger Brotherhood #16) by J.R. Ward – April 10th, 2017

Grey Sister (Book of the Ancestor #2) by Mark Lawrence April 19th, 2018 (I have an ARC!)

Bloody Rose (The Band #2) by Nicholas Eames – April 26th, 2018

Magic Triumphs (Kate Daniels #10) by Ilona Andrews – May 8th, 2018

The Winter of the Witch (Winternight Trilogy #3) by Katherine Arden – August 14th, 2018

Toil & Trouble: 16 Tales of Women & Witchcraft edit by Tess Sharpe – August 28th, 2018

Blanca & Roja by Anna-Marie McLemore – October 9th, 2018

The Muse of Nightmares (Strange the Dreamer #2) by Laini Taylor – No Date (If this gets pushed back until 2019 I’m actually going to be WEEPING for the rest of the new year!)

And like, should I really waste my breath letting you guys know how much I’m praying, hoping, and wishing for Doors of Stone and Winds of Winter to be actually released this year? Or, to just give us a set date for the future, so I can be happy in 2018? Again, I’m not wasting or holding my breath, but a girl can dream. What is the book you’re most looking forward to in 2018? Happy reading, lovelies! ❄☃💙

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My Top Five Favorite Books Published in 2017

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! 🎁🎄💛 I hope you all are having such a wonderful holiday season! This past week on Instagram, I’ve been counting down my favorite published books of 2017! And today is the very last day where I announced my favorite book (which will be no surprise to any of you), but I figured I’d do a quick wrap up for you all to see my five favorites of 2017!

These are the five books that were published this year that were a tier above the rest. These five blew my mind, and expectations, out of the water. I truly believe these five are perfect books in every single way. And I personally recommend them with my entire heart, body, and soul.

The Bear and the Nightingale (Winternight Trilogy #1) by Katherine Arden

“Before the end, you will pluck snowdrops at midwinter, die by your own choosing, and weep for a nightingale.”

This book taught me that girls can be anything they wish to be, no matter the expectations society, family, and everything else in this world puts on them. And to always surround yourself with people that accept you and believe in you.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

“That’s the problem. We let people say stuff, and they say it so much that it becomes okay to them and normal for us. What’s the point of having a voice if you’re gonna be silent in those moments you shouldn’t be?”

This book taught the world that we want black stories, from black authors, with black casts, with black people on the covers… no matter how many old, racist, white dudes continue to get published. But this book taught me how much more work needs to be done, and how I need to do more to boost marginalized voices, and how the world needs to change and it can begin with me and our generation.

Tyrant’s Throne (Greatcoats #4) by Sebastien de Castell

“From nothing we become men and women who write poems and wage wars and conceive of futures both wondrous and terrifying.”

This book taught me that found families with unconditional love is the most powerful force in any world. And that friendship can heal wounds you never thought would stop bleeding. And that your past will never define you, or hinder you, from being good and kind and ultimately becoming the person you want to be.

The Stone Sky (The Broken Earth #3) by N.K. Jemisin

“But for a society built on exploitation, there is no greater threat than having no one left to oppress.”

This book taught me to never stop moving forward, to always speak up, and help marginalized voices that need to be heard. And that we don’t get to choose how people love us. And how one voice can change the world. And that blood is only blood, and that we should spend our days with people who love us! And that we are always deserving of love. Always. No matter what.

Strange the Dreamer (Strange the Dreamer #1) by Laini Taylor

“Sarai was seventeen years old, a goddess and a girl. Half her blood was human, but it counted for nothing. She was blue. She was godspawn. She was anathema. She was young. She was lovely. She was afraid.”

This book reminded me why I love reading, and that books are magical, healing vessels. This book taught me that everyone has the right to change their future, and that we will never be our parent’s mistakes. And that we can rise up, and become so much more, and that all of our stories deserve to be told. And ultimately, you get to choose who is in your story.

These books mean a lot to me, and I feel so very thankful, privileged, and blessed that I was able to read them all this year. These books have all changed who I am as a person, and I will carry, pass them down, and sing their praises for my entire life. Books like this make render me speechless to be honest, but I hope I did a decent job letting you guys know how much they mean, and will continue to mean, to me. And again, I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season. Happy reading, lovelies! ❄☃💙

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My Top Five Least Favorite Books Published in 2017

Hey, lovelies! Okay, it’s time for the post I dread to write up every year: My Top Five Least Favorite Books Published in 2017! Also, I just want to preface this by saying that I’m sorry if I didn’t enjoy one of your favorite books, series, or characters. And that my feelings do not invalidate yours whatsoever. These are just the five books that were my personal biggest letdowns of the year!

Into the Fire (Night Prince #4) by Jeaniene Frost
Lord, help me. This was easily the biggest reading disappointment of 2017 for me. I have waited for this book for so long, because it is the end of Vlad’s story-arc, but instead this read like just a set up for her new spin-off. And, like, Vlad himself just felt really bad with his treatment of Leila, too. This book was just mostly filler, phonematic, and hurtful, and that’s not really a combination I want to read in any book, but especially not a beloved series and world I’ve been reading since high school.

Raven’s Mark: (The Raven Queen’s Harem #1) by Angel Lawson
The mythology behind this book is based on The Morrígan from Irish mythology. Morrígan is said to be a phantom-like banshee queen that is associated with anything war. And she is often represented by a black bird, some say crow and others say raven. There are so many different interpretations of this war goddess, and this is a loose representation that does keep some major elements of the folklore. But in this version, she is trapped in a mansion with five super-hot guys who all want to sex her up 24/7. Oh, and for the worst part of the story: Morgan is a virgin and will have to eventually choose one of these men to give that magical gift to. *throws up forever*

Blood Rose Rebellion (Blood Rose Rebellion #1) by Rosalyn Eves
This is a historical fantasy novel, set in 19th century Hungary, with some Hungarian folklore. The author actually places real people from Hungarian history in her story, too, so I’ll give her a little credit for a unique setting, but it didn’t help the actual enjoyment of this book. And this wouldn’t be a generic historical YA fiction novel if the highborn lady didn’t fall in love with a Romany boy. (Also, it’s almost 2018, stop using the word G*psy!) This was one of the first things I read in 2017, so I’m not as familiar with the story as some of these I’ve recently read, but that’s honestly because this is just so basic that it’s also very forgettable.

The Ghostwriter by Alessandra Torre
This is one of the very few ARCs I’ve DNFed in my life. I made it 56% in before I finally stopped forcing myself to even try. This story is about an author who is dying, but before she passes away she wants to write one final story. And this final story will be about the truth of what happened to her husband, which no one else knows but her. Unfortunately, her illness is coming quicker than expected, so she is forced to hire a ghostwriter to help her. And dark secrets and mystery ensue. But, like, nothing happens. And I honestly couldn’t even pretend to care about the protagonist or her deep, dark past. The only positive thing I will say is that many of my friends really liked this one, so maybe this was just a case of “it’s me, not you” type thing.

Bad Habit (Bad Love #1) by Charleigh Rose
I was very uncomfortable with the ages of the love interests in this book. For the majority of the book they are seventeen and twenty-one. They have explicit sex (most of which is voyeurism), and they leave the state with each other, but they never discuss how she isn’t eighteen yet. This just completely stunted my enjoyed for this book. And more importantly (and grossly), this book has a lot of flashbacks to them being young. And in the prologue, we get to see Briar as only fourteen-years-old trying to seduce Asher who was seventeen at the time. The author tries to make it look like the fourteen-year-old is the one throwing herself at the seventeen-year-old, but like, the seventeen-year-old still makes the fourteen-year-old orgasm. I don’t care if it wasn’t an orgasm through penetration, I can’t be reading this kind of content. This should have been named Illegal Habit. Or at the least, Uncomfortable Habit, because I was the entire time reading.

Whew! Okay! I’m glad that’s over! I hate talking about books this way, but I feel like I owe it to you all to always write this post up! I hope you are all having the happiest of holiday seasons! I also hope you all still love me! Also, make sure you guys check out a giveaway I’m doing on my Instagram! The winner will be chosen on Christmas, so enter today! ❄☃💙

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