I never really do readathons, but this one was too amazing for me to possibly even think about passing up! It beautifully mixes the two loves of my life: reading and gaming! This readathon is being hosted by Aentee at Read at Midnight!

This readathon, which is basically more of a reading challenge, is called #ReadersCrossing and it takes place from December 10th to December 31st! Basically, this is very much like #TheReadingQuest, where you choose a path and then you use the bingo board to follow the line of the path you picked! And all of this is Animal Crossing Pocket Camp themed!

• All campers starts with 0 Experience Points (EXP), and each book completed for the challenge (in any format: physical, eBook, or audiobook will gain them 2 EXP.
• #OwnVoices novels will give you an addition EXP point, instead of gaining 2 EXP for their completion, you’ll gain 3 EXP.
• You will level up every time you get 10 EXP points. You begin at Level 1.
• Tweeting or Instagram posts on the #ReadersCrossing will earn you points (every 5 tweets/photo will earn you 1 EXP). You can gain a maximum of 5 EXP for your social media interactions. These should be tweets related to the challenge such as comments on your current read, book recommendations, or posts about the game itself).
• For fun, you can make your own camperID card, you can use screenshots of your character in your campsite, or during other moments of gameplay like the special fulfilled request segments/when you catch a particular bug or fish, it’s really up to you!

Also, make sure you check out the actual reading challenge’s blog post for more information, to sign up, and just in case I’m getting any of this information wrong. Also, don’t forget to check out #ReadersCrossing on different social medias!

And I personally chose the Natural path, because it’s what I always lean and gravitate to in the game! Plus, I love Goldie and I already have a bunch of things on my TBR that already fit into the path! So, it’s really a win/win for me!

SET IN YOUR COUNTRY:The Book of Etta (The Road to Nowhere #2) by Meg Elison
(Set in the scariest timeline for my country!)

YELLOW COVER:Oathbringer (The Stormlight Archive #3) by Brandon Sanderson
(the actual cover of the book is the prettiest yellow my eyes have ever seen!)

A CLASSIC:A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
(I set a reading goal in January to read ONE classic, and I still haven’t!)

ANIMAL ON THE COVER:The Red Threads of Fortune (Tensorate #2) by J.Y. Yang
(Dragons totally count, right? Right!)

SET IN WILDERNESS:The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert
(I hope this works, if not, I read so much fantasy I know I will read something that fits this!)

Like in every game that I play, I always feel the most enjoyment from completing all of the quests. I’m such a completionist and an achievement lover, so I know I will complete many of the side quests that are also offered in the middle of this bingo sheet!

This is honestly just too perfect and adorable to pass up! I hope many of you will join along with #ReadersCrossing! I love anything that has to do with accumulating points, and I couldn’t resist participating in a reading challenge that celebrates a love for gaming. This is such a unique and creative idea and I can’t wait to get reading! Happy reading, loves!

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18 thoughts on “#ReadersCrossing

  1. I only played Animal Crossing on the game cube way back in the day, and it was super cute but I don’t think I ever really got the hang of the socialization aspect.
    The bingo looks fun but I’m having trouble coming up with books on my TBR to match… I need to think about it! Especially because I pretty much just requested Sarah J. Maas books for my Christmas/week before cruise reading!

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    1. Well, if you ever want to play the new phone version, you let me know! And I feel you, it’s hard with the end of the year, I just couldn’t resist at least trying. And oh my gosh, Christmas cruise? Girl, have all the fun! And happy reading, love! ☃️💙❄️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m pretty excited about it and plan on reading a lot. We are leaving the kids with grandma and we’ve decided to stay on the ship (no excursions) because I’m pregnant and Zika (from mosquitos) is scary and might be bad for the baby. So there should be lots of time to read, eat, and sleep. All my favorite things!

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