Everless by Sara Holland

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ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

Maybe I would have really enjoyed this if I hadn’t read so much YA Fantasy. Maybe a younger Melanie would have ate this up and asked for seconds. Sadly, I’m just at the point in my life where I feel like I’ve read this all before.

And the aspect of this story that is really cool and different is the everyone’s lifespan is their currency. In this world, you can bind your blood to iron to make coins. And they come in amounts of hours to years. Now this is absolutely amazing, and I love the concept completely, but my friend, Em, pointed out how similar it is to the movie In Time starring Justin Timberlake and I just couldn’t unsee the similarities.

The last negative thing I’ll say is that the romance isn’t very compelling, swoon-worthy, or even that good. It was very obvious, over the top, and added nothing to the story for me. And towards the end of this book, there was an opportunity for the main character to be like “I love and choose myself!” or even “I love and choose my family!” but instead it reads like she’s just picking another boy, and it felt so ungodly bad to read. Like, a rotten cherry on a mediocre sundae, you know?

But I don’t think this is a “bad” book per say. And I don’t feel like the author is directly copying In Time or is breaking any copyright laws or anything along those lines. This just wasn’t the book for me, personally, but there are ton of high reviews for this book so maybe take my review with a grain of salt.

As for a synopsis, this is a story about a girl that has lived her life running from her past. Her and her father once lived in Everless, where her father worked as a blacksmith and she was able to play with the two royal brothers. But after an almost tragic incident, her and her father were forced to flee, in hopes to forever live their life in hiding.

But the cost of living is expensive, and it’s exceptionally pricey if you pay in the currency of your life. Wanting to protect her father, our main protagonist, Jules, runs away to Everless to work among the people her father has continuously warned her against ever seeing again. Jules tries to stay undercover half the time, but the other half she literally doesn’t listen, or care, or forgets, or something. But regardless, we get thrown into a world of lies and deceit, and prophecies and old story book tales.

Overall and again, I didn’t think was a terrible book by any means, it just felt like the same YA Fantasy story to me. Plus, it had an opportunity to be very powerful to young girls, and it just ended up reading like you always have to love a boy. Plus, I honestly couldn’t care less about any of the characters. Like, they felt so one dimensional to me, and Jules was the worst undercover character I’ve probably ever read about, despite her father’s very serious warnings. Again, I’m very much in the minority with my feelings towards this book, so hopefully if you pick it up you will enjoy it a lot more than I did.

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27 thoughts on “Everless by Sara Holland

    1. I am for sure in the minority! My ass just reads too much Fantasy! I hope it’s good and unique for you, beautiful! Honestly, my friend Elise, who I trust VERY much, really enjoyed it! So I think you might! 💗xx

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  1. It sounds like a really interesting story idea and has a beautiful cover. I’m sad that it sounds like even the characters aren’t invested in the story. 😦

    I’ve never heard of the Justin Timberlake movie.

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    1. HAHA! So many people have told me they don’t remember the movie, and I’m over here just feeling old as hell because it came out 12 years ago! But I’m for sure in the minority with my feelings on this one! 💗xx

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  2. I’ve just read this and felt pretty much the same. I thought it was actually quite a good story, but felt like I’d heard it all before – like it was a pastiche of every YA novel ever written. And I HATED the insta love at the end. I kept noticing tiny details that didn’t make sense too, like “this garden was built around the (snow holly? I think that’s what it was called)” but there were rose bushes planted on top of it so no one could see it. Maybe the reason will become apparent later but it as soon as I started questioning it, it took me out of the story.

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    1. HOLY MOLY, I DIDN’T EVEN THINK OF THIS AND NOW I CAN’T UNSEE! Haha! Thank you for this comment! Everyone else really has enjoyed this book, and I’m just over here questioning if I got bad ARC? Haha. So thank you so much for this comment, love! And happy reading! 💗xx

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    1. I’m for sure in the minority with my feelings, love. And my friend Elise, who I very much trust, really enjoyed it! So, please still give this one a try! You could really end up enjoying it! 💗xx

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  3. I love your reviw Mel as one of my problem (but I gave a higher rating) was connecting with the main character. And when I wanted Liam to have a more prominent role as I found him the most interesting it did not happen. Unlike you though I found the setting and the univers very unique. The plot also surprised me in a good way. Out of context I’m tagging you in a Book Cover tag in a few minutes but of course feel free to ignore! Happy Sunday!

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    1. I CAN’T WAIT TO DO YOUR BOOK COVER TAG, LOVE! And I love all your thoughts. Honestly, the ending twist(s) were pretty damn good. I just hated the… “I didn’t love HIM” part. But I honestly was clutching my pearls at some of those reveals! Haha! 💗xx


  4. Honestly, I am so on the fence about this book. When I first heard about it, I feared it would basically end up being like a lot of YA I’ve already read, so decided I was gonna give it a miss. But then it’s gotten so many positive reviews since then, I was seriously considering it. But now this review is confirming what I initially thought again… hmmm. Ah well, I think this is telling me to just go with my gut 😉 Great review!!

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    1. Awh, thank you, love. But you should for sure give this a go still! Like, one of the girls I buddy read it with (who I trust very much) really enjoyed it! And the ending has a cool twists, too! It just… it want for me! Also, I’m way too curious to know your thought! 💗💗

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