Missing From Me (Sixth Street Bands #3) by Jayne Frost

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ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
(And an extra thanks to Maria! ❤)

Missing From Me is a second chance romance, set in Texas, that centers around the drummer of an up and coming rock band. Even though this is the third book in a series, I was able to pick this up and understand everything going on, with very minimal spoilers. And I really enjoyed this one, and now want to devour the rest of the series!

Also, because I know most of you follow me for my fantasy reviews, I always feel it necessary to state that I rate erotic books differently than other books! I know many of the relationships are toxic and problematic and I completely understand that they wouldn’t be the healthiest and/or most ideal of starts for people in real life, but I love steamy reads and I rate them purely off my enjoyment, and I truly did enjoy Missing From Me.

And content warnings for off screen cheating, death of a parent(s), talk of chronic disease treatment (cancer & asthma), and mature sexual content.

The basic premise of this book is that Sean, the drummer of Caged, is continually haunted by a few bad decisions he made four years ago. Four years ago, Caged was starting out and trying to make a name for themselves, but Sean didn’t think he could handle being in a long-distance relationship. Basically, in the span of eight hours he made some really terrible choices and ended up losing his high school sweetheart and the love of his life. But she has haunted his thoughts for the last four years. And now he is playing a show back at their home town, where she still lives, with her new husband.

Anna hasn’t stopped thinking about Sean, either, but she has given up many things to live with a secret that she has been keeping for four years. I personally liked the secret, but I know that it could irritate a few readers, so check out my friend Christy’s spoiler tag in her review, if you won’t mind a mild spoiler if you are hesitant.

I really enjoyed this story, but I just felt like there were so many forced reasons why the couple couldn’t be together. And then, once one was resolved, there was a new, bigger, more dramatic and less realistic reason for why they could no longer be together. I’m all about the angst and slow burn, but this book just felt like it was trying to shoehorn in the angst and tension.

Overall, I would totally recommend this, especially if you are into rockstar romances, which I seem to be a sucker for. Seriously, I have honestly dated five drummers in my life, so… this obviously worked for me. In my opinion, this book had the perfect mixture of heartwarming scenes, romantic scenes and steamy, sexy scenes. I cannot wait to start Lost For You!

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