A Vow of Thorns (Blackest Gold #3) by R. Scarlett

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1.) Vein Of Love ★★
2.) Body of The Crime ★★★

“You will be my equal, my queen, my night sky of darkness. I would wage war for you. I would move mountains and steal stars. Anything, anything…”

Good dear Lord, this was one of the best Fantasy Romance books I’ve ever read.

The previous two books mostly took place in Manhattan, and even though they heavily had fantasy aspects, they always still read like contemporaries. Then R. Scarlett gave me a medieval castle, and fall equinox hunts, and feasts, and dancing, and court politics, and my aesthetic immersion was in overload. I loved this setting. This book reads so differently than the previous ones, but they are so worth reading to get to this one.

“You’re my court. You’re my crown.”

The Blackest Gold series stars two main protagonists:
Molly – Victim of a 300-year-old contract that was set up by her ancestors. The contract promises Molly, who was born with ancient daemon (unlike demon) powers beyond her control, to marry a demon of a very prestigious demon house.
Tensley – The demon who is promised to Molly. And he comes from a very powerful line of demons, yet because of a mistake his brother made years and years ago, his family is desperate to prove their worth and value to the rest of the demons. And obviously Molly is the perfect claim to (more) fame.

And their relationship was not the easiest in books one and two, but in A Vow of Thorns they are a romance lovers dream. I was honestly swooning at all the heartfelt moments. Then I was panting at all the perfect steamy scenes. That fall equinox scene I mentioned above? For sure one of the sexiest scenes I’ve ever read in my entire life.

“I love you with my whole cruel heart. It’s wild and ruthless, but it beats for you and only for you, my dolcezza.”

The angst was perfect, the romance was everything, the plot was completely enthralling, the twists were so very gripping, the setting was flawless, and the characters made me feel every emotion under the sun. I feel like I can’t say more, with this being book three in the quartet, but I promise this book is a masterpiece.

But the cliffhanger ending in this? I about fell off my bed. And as much as I wanted to scream, it’s going to make such a perfect concluding novel. I can’t wait.

Overall, I loved this. I loved this so much. Easily one of the best Fantasy Romance books I’ve ever read in my entire life, and I cannot wait for more. Also, this doesn’t impact my ratings at all, but the author of this series, R. Scarlett, is honestly a confirmed angel. You all should follow her on social media. One of the kindest and sweetest humans, who actually listened to my two star review of book one. Seriously, the romance community is blessed to have her. And I feel so blessed to have read this book.

“She was the Queen on an ancient chessboard. Demons would bow for her.”

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