Dearest Ivie (Black Dagger Brotherhood #15.5) by J.R. Ward

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“I don’t have time to waste. And instead of finding out what things look like, I want to know what they feel like.”

Dearest Ivie is a short story set in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and it stars two brand new characters, that I’m sure will weave their way into the main story now!

Ivie is a nurse working for Havers, and she and her cousin are in a bar when a vampire walks in who doesn’t look like he necessarily belongs at a human bar. And when Silas walks into the bar, only he knows that he is harboring many secrets.

And this is a JR Ward book, you know it’s going to have a swoon-worthy romance. JR Ward delivers time and time again, and Dearest Ivie was a great mini installment. And the brother that comes into play at the end of this story? All the tears. My sweet cinnamon roll baby.

My favorite part of the story was Ivie’s family. Like, where can I sign up to join? BDB is normally set in the city, so I always love the scenes and side stories that are set in the country, just because it’s so different. But everything involving Ivie’s family was a joy to read. I’m honestly in love with her dad.

But this was a really cute story, that ended up packing such an emotional punch. This is the type of story that makes you never want to take life for granted. The type of story that makes you cherish our short time here, with the ones you love most. The type of story that proves that love can conquer all. The type of story that you won’t forget any time soon.

“Only with you, dearest Ivie. Only with you.”

Overall, I really enjoyed this. And it made me even more excited to read The Thief in a week or so! This series, this world, and these characters have meant so much to me throughout the years. And JR Ward just never stops impressing. And hopefully, she will never stop writing as well.

Trigger/Content Warnings: terminal illness, descriptive medical talk, some girl on girl hate, and a gross suicide joke.

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4 thoughts on “Dearest Ivie (Black Dagger Brotherhood #15.5) by J.R. Ward

    1. Yeah, it’s such a damn commitment! And it’s so hard to recommend, because the first ones came out so long ago, and I’m not sure if they will hold up! Maybe my nostalgia is just making them feel like five stars, you know? haha! But… I’m such a fangirl! I’m in too deep to stop now! Hehe! Happy reading, love! ❤ xx


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