Sunstone, Vol. 3 (Sunstone #3) by Stjepan Šejić

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Vol. 1: ★★★★★
Vol. 2: ★★★

This is such a gem of a graphic novel series. And even though I didn’t love this one as much as Volume One, I still really enjoyed this installment and completely recommend it to adults who are interested in the BDSM lifestyle. Seriously, this is filled with very mature themes and explicit sexual content, so use caution if that’s not something you’re looking for.

Especially since this volume really touches upon the misconceptions about BDSM and the stereotypes that people put on the community in general. Yet, this series heavily emphasizes the importance of safety, and trust, and acknowledges that there is a lot of shady shit and people out there. Especially people who are interested in the community without putting in any of the effort to be a good Dom or sub.

But this installment is mostly us seeing Ally and Lisa fall for each other and start to want more than to just be each other’s BDSM partner. Lisa and Ally got to know each other online for two months before they met up for a session, and now they have been seeing each other for three weeks. And they are starting to feel a lot for one another, but they are scared the other one might not have the same feelings. And neither want to hinder or hurt the relationship they have currently.

Again, I just adore this graphic novel series and I haven’t found anything else like it. The art is so sexy and beautiful, the color palette is perfection, and the depiction of two girls learning each other’s wants and needs in a BDSM relationship is spot on. Not that my experiences are greater or more “realistic” than anyone else’s, but in my humble opinion this is a very accurate depiction.

And if you’re looking for a cute Dom/sub relationship with a sweet romance, then I completely recommend this series with my whole entire heart. And I’m really looking forward to picking up Volume Four very shortly!

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