Pride Flag Book Tag 🌈

This amazing tag was created by Common Spence and it is honestly the very best tag on Booktube! And I knew I couldn’t resist doing this during Pride this year! Also, Spencer is quickly becoming my favorite Booktuber, and you should all check them out! 🌈

❤ 1. Red (Life) – A book with a spirited protagonist totally proud of who they are. Someone who gives you LIFE!

Without a doubt, I had to go with Evelyn from The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Evelyn has to overcome so much in her life, but she unapologetically loves herself and those around her. She is such a bi icon.

🧡 2. Orange (Healing) – A book that made you, as the reader, find a deeper meaning or catharsis in your own life.

Black Iris by Elliot Wake literally is the reason I discovered I was pansexual. Black Iris is still a catharsis for me to this day, and it will probably forever be. I have so much love for this book that completely changed my life and helped me understand sexual fluidity.

💛 3. Yellow (Sunshine) – A book that fills you with so much joy it could brighten even your darkest day.

This might be cheating, but I’m going to say the entire Wayward Children series by Seanan McGuire, because just knowing a series like this exists brings me more joy than I have words to express. To everything queer representation, to all different types of bodies (shapes and abilities) representation, to mental health representation, to so much more, this series is a gift to the world. And I just received an ARC of book four and I am still in completely awe.

💚 4. Green (Nature) – A book that is set out of this world — a reality different to our own.

Inkmistress (Of Fire and Stars 0.5) by Audrey Coulthurst is set in a medieval-like world, that also happens to have lots of magic, people who can shapeshift, and even a dragon! It also features a beautiful bisexual main character.

💙 5. Blue (Peace) – A book where one of the characters finds peace with a difficult truth.

Without a doubt, I knew I had to pick We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson! Henry is a gay teenage boy, who is suffering with so much loss, while also trying to find peace with so many aspects of his life. And the journey was so beautiful to read.

💜 6. Purple (Spirit) – A book that deals with LGBT+ themes and religion.
I’m actually going to go with the short story “Love Spell” by Anna-Marie McLemore, that is in the Toil & Trouble anthology coming out this summer! It stars a trans boy who has devoted his life to God and the Catholic church, and a girl who the town thinks is a witch that doesn’t even deserve communion. And I promise you, it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read. This is about community, and prejudices, and family, and knowing your worth, and knowing when love is worth it. This story truly has stuck with me and will stay with me forever.

And consider ALL of you tagged, because this is the book tag that we all deserve! It’s actually perfect, and I hope you all do it! Also, feel free to comment below and let me know one of your favorite LGBTQIAP+ reads! I’m always looking to add to my TBR! And happy Pride and happy reading, loves! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

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34 thoughts on “Pride Flag Book Tag 🌈

    1. Awh, thank you, Lily love! And oh my gosh, seriously, Toil & Trouble is the best anthology I’ve eve read. The last story in the book is legit one of the best things I’ve ever read in my entire life! I can’t wait to gush with you about it! Happy reading, beautiful! ❤ xx

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  1. I know I’ve said this multiple times already, but I’m so happy that Black Iris made you discover that you’re pan, that’s amazing and beautiful and makes me smile each time I see you talk about it. (Also, each time I hear about BI — wow, what an acronym — I always think of you ❤) And oh my god, I finished Evelyn Hugo the other day (it’s kind of the reason I can’t seem to read a lot of Abyss, I’m just so overwhelmed by Evelyn!) and it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. She’s such a strong woman and I love her, just like I love you!!!!! 💛

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    1. MY HEART IS SO HAPPY! Ahhhhh! I knew you’d love it! Yes yes yes! And thank you for this comment, May. Your friendship is such a blessing! And take all the time in the world for Abyss, I’ll be here! I love youuu! ❤ xx

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  2. I adored the first book of the Wayward Children series. Nancy is my absolutely favorite. I haven’t read a lot of these, but I really need too!

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    1. Awh, Lacy, I love this comment! And yeah, Nancy is everything! You should keep reading and you might get a pleasant surprise cameo! Hehe! And honestly? Book two is my favorite in the series so far, so I need to gush with you over it! But I hope whatever you’re currently reading is five star worthy, love! 💗xx

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  3. I love this tag and post so much, it made me smile. I’ll definitely be adding some of these to be TBR pile (it’s growing so much!); I loved Of Fire and Stars and am thrilled to hear there’s more stories in that world!

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    1. Awh, thank YOU so much for this amazing comment! And now I’m even more excited to read Of Fire and Stars! I hope I can fit it in this month! And I hope whatever you’re currently reading is five star worthy, love! 💗xx


  4. Books that let you discover little bits about ourselves are probably the best books of all time. I need to read these books ❤

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