Recommendations | My Five Favorite Witch Books

Hey, friends! I’ve been having a hard time getting into the Halloween spirit this year for some reason! So, I thought a good way that could help make me feel a little bit more spooky would be to share my love for the paranormal with you all! For five nights I’m going to spread a little love for my favorite eerie entities: Witches, Ghosts, Demons, Shifters, and Vampires! I hope you all enjoy and maybe pick up a new book that will make your Halloween feel a little more haunted! 🔮

➽ Circe by Madeline Miller

What better way to start out the spooky season, but with reading about the original witch?  This book is about healing and doing what it takes to come into your own. This book is about love; the love between lovers, the love of a mother, and the love you must find in yourself. This book proves why family of choice will always be greater than family of origin. This book is about magic, and how we can find it in ourselves if we look hard enough. This is a book about becoming the witch you’ve always buried deep inside you.

➽ Strange Grace by Tessa Gratton 

My favorite book of 2018. What a masterpiece in every sense of the word. Literally perfection. A true gift to the literary world. Friends, if you’re looking for a spooky book, with a dark fairy-tale vibe, that heavily talks about society’s gender expectations, while being a love letter to gender fluidity, with the most heartwarming polyamorous relationship, look no further than this masterpiece.

➽ Phoenix Unbound (Fallen Empire #1) by Grace Draven

Gilene is a Fire witch who has been the sacrificial girl for her village for the last four years, using her magic to disguises herself as a new girl. Even though she has to endure the torture of the night, she is able to walk free from the fire every year, without anyone noticing. Well, she didn’t think anyone could notice. This is one of my favorite romances of the entire year! Beautiful start to a series that I completely recommend!

➽ Summer of Salt by Katrina Leno

This is the most realistic witch story that was nothing short of a beautiful delight to read. This was moving, and powerful, and magical, and sweet, yet also heartbreaking. This reads like a mix between Girl Made of Stars and The Wicked Deep, and if you love either (bonus points for both) then you will completely love this story, too!

➽ The Bone Witch (The Bone Witch #1) by Rin Chupeco
This book is my heart! This is an ownvoices, Asian inspired, fantasy story that stars a young necromancer, looking for her place in a world that has constantly told her she is going to become evil. This story is told in two parts, but not equally. The lesser part, before every new chapter, are the events taking place through a bard’s eyes, who is chronicling the events currently, where Tea is proving to become the evil villain the world wanted her to be. But the main story is told in the past, and we get to slowly find out what happened to put Tea on this path that the bard is seeing.

Okay, friends! I hope you enjoyed! And I hope the end of your October is filled with all the amazing books! Tell me your favorite witch story in the comments, please! And happy Halloween! Stay spooky! 🎃✨

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56 thoughts on “Recommendations | My Five Favorite Witch Books

    1. Awh, this makes me so happy! I hope you love Strange Grace and The Bone Witch. They both are such beloved books to me, and I’d love to gush about them forever with you! Hehe! Happy reading and Happy Halloween, sweetheart! 💕xx

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  1. I’m in love with this post, because I’m always looking for new witch books 😍 my favourite witch book so far is Strange Grace, of course, but Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching series is also very close to my heart. I’m very excited to read Circe and The Bone Witch, too. They sound fantastic ♥️

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    1. I’m about to say something I don’t say too often: I have never read Terry Practchett before! BUT NOW? With my book twin saying this? I might have to!

      Also, I think you will really freaking love Circe. Like, without a doubt in my mind. And… I can’t wait to gush with you about it!

      Happy reading, Hannah! I love you so much! 💕xx

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      1. Terry Pratchett has such a way with words and creates the most unique fantasy worlds. He truly writes like no one else and his books never fail to put a smile on my face. I think you’d enjoy them a lot 😊
        As soon as I read Circe, I will send you a message and fangirl with you about it — I know I’m going to love it!
        I love you, too, Mel. Happy reading ♥️✨

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  2. Thanks for the recs! Haven’t read any of them yet, but I’m really curious about them!

    Phoenix Unbound is on my TBR stack atm. Read some of her prior written self published books and loved them a lot so can’t wait to see what I’ll think of this one.

    Circe is one I’m really curious about as well, but I want to read the Song of Achilles first since that’s been on my shelves for years now and I still haven’t read it yet – oops.

    Strange Grace sounds so good! I’ve seen you loving on this book so much so thanks to you, I’ve added it to my wishlist haha

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    1. Awh, this warms my damn heart! (Even though I just want to gush about KoA with you!)

      Phoenix Unbound is such a damn good fantasy romance! And Now I want to read more by the author!

      Circe is my second favorite book of the year. It is just… it’s such a “me” book, but it really is something I think most people will love. And I liked it more than TSOA (which is really saying something because that book is a masterpiece, too!) ❤

      Strange Grace…. Oh lord, it's my favorite. But I know this book isn't for everyone, so I get a little scared recommending it… but I hope you love it, sweetheart!

      Happy reading, beautiful! (This second part of KoA is already killing me) 💕xx

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      1. Okay, you make me even More excited now to read them all!! Circe and Strange Grace aren’t in my collection yet so Phoenix Unbound is going higher up on my wishlist! Curious to see what you’ll think of her other books. And I cannot wait until you read some certain chapters in Kingdom of Ash and hear what you’ll think of them!!! 💕xx

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      2. I just read chapter 89…. and I don’t think I’m ever going to stop crying… FOREVER! Like.. I am broken and… I don’t have words, Melissa! Ahhhh! 💖xx


  3. I read The Bone Witch, but never continued with the second book. Maybe some day. If you want to get into the Halloween mood, watch The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix – but you may want to leave the lights on.

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    1. The Heart Forger is 10 times better than The Bone Witch, Teri! You have to gush with me if you ever pick it up! Hehehe! And these are amazing suggestions, love. Thank you so much! (Especially the lights on… I am such a baby!) Happy reading, beautiful! 💕xx

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    1. Ahhh! You have to come gush with me after you reading Circe, Cindy! I honestly like it more than TSOA, which is REALLY saying something! And… my heart is so happy you love The Bone Witch series. Like… The Heart Forger was everything to me this year. EVERYTHING! And… god, I love sharing a love for this series with my friends! Thanks for making my day! And I hope you’re having happy reading! 💕xx


  4. I LOVE WITCH BOOKS! But like I haven’t read any of these but I’m glad because that means I get to put these all on my TBR and then READ THEM. I’ve wanted to read the Summer of Salt for so long now but I haven’t really heard about the rest of these! the bone witch sounds AMAZING oh my god! thank you for this post ❤

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    1. Awh, Ilsa, you always make me smile so big! I hope you love ALL of these! I think Summer of Salt is such an easy book to just fall in love with! I hope you enjoy it (and all the rest)! And I hope you’re having the happiest of reading! 💕xx

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  5. I love books related to witches and other supernatural beings so this little series you’re doing is something I’m super excited for! I’ve really been wanting to read Circe and The Bone Witch, so this post has only encouraged me further. Thanks so much for sharing! x

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    1. Awh, this makes me to happy to read, sweetheart! And I think you’ll enjoy Circe and The Bone Witch, because they are both so easy to love! I hope you like the rest of my posts… I feel like my Vampire one (the last one) is really weak! I’m like… how have I not read any better Vampire books? Haha! But I hope you’re having happy reading, sweetheart! 💕xx


  6. Okay, not shocking at all knowing how similar our tastes are, but I have a post on this topic scheduled for next week and 3/5 of these are on my list, too! LOVE Circe, Strange Grace, and Summer of Salt. I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about The Bone Witch, but knowing you love it instantly makes me wanna read it *runs to library*.

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    1. Soulmates, I’m telling you! Want to know the funnier thing? I was legit going to post this next week, but I saw the T5W topic and was like “holy shit, this fits too perfect” so I started it then instead! Hahaha! The Bone Witch is a good book…. The Heart Forger is THE BEST BOOK! I hope you’re having happy reading, sweetheart! 💕xx


  7. Circe has been on my TBR for a loooong time, so I REALLY should check that out soon! I also can’t wait to read Strange Grace after reading your review, so I’ll try to read that before October ends (October FLEW by!!)

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    1. I can’t wait for you to read both of these! Muahahahah! And yeah… how it is already this close to the end of the month? I honestly have no idea! But I hope you’re having happy reading, sweetheart! 💛xx

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  8. Rachel Hawkins Hex Hall series is great if you want a lighter touch. Sarah Brennan’s Lynburn Legacy trilogy is another excellent option, though the main magic-users there are mostly male, and I also like Adriana Mather’s How to Hang a Witch, where the main character is a descendant of Cotton Mather from the Salem Witch Trials, much like the author.

    And James Dawson’s (now Juno Dawson) Hollow Pike gets off to a great start, with definite Mean Girls meets The Craft vibes, but it sadly goes downhill. So it ended up being a major disappointment, but the start is really good.

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  9. Circe and The Bone Witch are on my watch list! I really want to read Circe because I ADORED The Song of Achilles! It’s easily one of my favorite books of all time. I wish I had a more sophisticated way to talk about The Song of Achilles other than it makes you feel “all the feels.” I honestly do think that’s the best descriptor for Madeline Miller’s writing abilities. You can tell she really knows the subject matter, and she cares about it.

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    1. Oh this comment makes me SO happy and excited! I love The Song of Achilles so much, but I honestly fell even more in love with Circe! So… you have to come talk to me after you read it! Happy reading, Saloni love! 💖xx

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