December 2018 Book Haul

Hey, friends! I’ll be honest with you, I have stretched myself so very thin with projects for the end of year, that I am just going to post this without all the links that I normally do! I am so very sorry, but I just have so much work to do that all must be done by Jan 1st! But I love you all and hope you’re having a wonderful end of the year! I also hope you enjoy these pictures of me hauling way too many things this holiday season! (Spoiler alert: I have the best friends and found family in the entire galaxy!)





Again, I am so sorry that this is such a quick little post! Especially because this book haul is so damn big! And BIG thanks to everyone who thought of me, wished me happy holidays, and went out of their way to gift me something. I appreciate you all so very much! And I can’t wait for all the buddy reads in store for us in 2019!

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30 thoughts on “December 2018 Book Haul

  1. I hope you had an amazing holiday. I also got Our Dark Duet this month along with the first book. My book haul will be going up tomorrow and it’s a big one as well. It’s my biggest one of the year by a small margin lol.

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  2. Wwaaa you sure got yourself the bestest of friends and family! Those really are spectacular gifts. 😍 I’m especially loving the Shadowhunters set. 📚❤ I hope the rest of your busy days go well! 💃

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  3. Damn, you got spoiled haha! Not that I can complain about anything, because I received like 30+ books as well in December haha. 

    ohh you got the TMI graphic novels; nice!!! I love them so much. Cassandra Jean’s artwork is just amazing and I’m glad she’s the one who got to do the artwork on the graphic novels. Can’t wait for the rest to be published! Have you looked into the TID manga’s yet? Those are really great additions to have as well I think ❤ Hope they’ll do the TDA books too! And how stunning Is dat City of Bones 10th anniversary edition, right?! I think it’s the most beautiful book I own. I am OBSESSED. And you got all the other Clare hardcovers, whoop whoop!!! I am so frigging hyped to see so many Clare books in here haha!

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    1. Truly spoiled! But we deserve it, Mel! Hehehehe. I hope you had the happiest of New Years, love. And I hope we have a buddy read or ten together in 2019’ I haven’t checked out the manga yet… but I am very interested! Ahhhh! I’m such Shadowhunter trash now! 💛✨

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