2019 Reading Goals

Hey, loves! Okay, I know we are a few days into 2019, but I figured I should write up a little post about my reading and reviewing goals for the year! Mostly, I just want to read good books and boost all the marginalized voices I can, while getting the books that people want, and the books that will make people feel seen, into the right hands and hearts. But here are a few more tangible goals that I have made for myself for the new year. Some of these might surprise you a little, but these are truly the things I want to accomplish most for this year in my reading and reviewing life.

➽ 1.) Cutting Back on Posts
What a title, right? So, for the last six months I have posted something every single day, sometimes twice a day, and friends, I’m just a bit tired! On top of maybe doing Booktube in 2019, I just want to post around five times a week, which I think is still pretty good! And I really think it will take a lot of anxiety and pressure off of my life, not feeling like I have to create something for every single day of 2019!

➽ Requesting Less ARCs
This is the most wild reviewing goals post you’ve read, true? Haha! I feel like I’m very good at reading and reviewing everything I request and receive before release, but this December I was really overwhelmed with how many January ARCs I had accumulated! And it wasn’t fun! Also, probably the biggest highlight of my entire 2018 reading year was reading all of Cassie Clare’s backlist and falling in love with everything Shadowhunters! So, I’d love to be able to focus more on those backlists titles that I’ve been putting off because I always have such a strict ARC reading and reviewing schedule.

➽ Read 12 Graphic Works
Last year, my goal was to read 12 graphic novels (which I did) AND 12 manga or light novels (which I failed at horribly)! So to keep with the spirit of taking pressure off myself, I’m going to merge this goal into reading 12 graphic works, but I do hope to read more than 12!

➽ Read 6 Classics
My goal in 2018 was to only read one classic, because I had neglected them for so long each and every year since college! But most of you know that this year I’m doing #CatchUpOnClassics with my dear friend Dani! And this year we are going to shoot for six books and we are inviting the entire book community to readalong with us! And we already have all the dates and all the breakdowns! Heck, we also have watchalongs scheduled for film adaptations afterwards! And I’m so excited, friends!

➽ Start a Book Club
Okay, I know that this goals post is going up right during the first Dragons and Tea buddy read, but I am just so honored to finally start a book club with my dear friend Amy this year! But I hope we continue to have an amazing year, buddy reading all the things with so many of you, and boosting marginalized voices each and every month!

➽ Read 100 Books
This is always the goal, even though I always start myself at 52 (one for each week of the year) so I don’t feel too overwhelmed. 2018 was the very first year that I was able to hit 200 books, but I predict that I won’t be able to do that this year with traveling and work. But 100 is always the goal of my heart, and a goal that I feel so blessed and honored and proud to hit every year!

Do you have any reading goals this year? I’d love to hear them so very much! And I hope you’re all having a wonderful new year and I hope that 2019 gives you all the blessing, because you all deserve the entire galaxy and all the stars within in! Happy reading!

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104 thoughts on “2019 Reading Goals

    1. This actually made me… so damn happy! Thank you so much for this comment… for all your comments… you are such a blessing! And I’m forever thankful 2018 brought me your friendship! Happy New Year, love! 💖xx

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  1. Requesting less ARCs is one of my goals too! Trying to read and review before a certain deadline always feels super stressful for me, and combined with school, it just got to be too much in 2018. I also really want to get to more backlisted books like you said, so hopefully we both discover older gems on our shelves! ❤

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  2. We have very similar goals, Melanie! Mine are scheduled to upload Monday but most definitely I’m cutting back on requesting ARCs! 2018 taught me that reading backlist titles with my friends gave me the most enjoyment! Also I’m so happy I get to share this book club journey with you! Happy 2019, Melanie! Here’s to another great year ❤️

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  3. Even though I’m just starting to get some ARCs i’m also planning on requesting less! I really want to focus on clearing out my backlist so I can eventually focus more on new releases and spending time with a few old favorites each year.

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    1. These are AMAZING goals, love! And whenever i see your name, I just smile so big anyways! Wishing you and your family the happiest of new years! And happy reading to you always, love! 💖xx


  4. I didn’t even know you had a BookTube! I only follow one or two, but I want to start looking up more people with BookTubes. Requesting less ARCs is always a challenge, but I’m glad I did that last year – I want to try saying NO to them as well, since I always feel guilty.

    Great list and good luck in 2019!

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  5. Aw yay, I hope you reach them all 🙂
    Posting every day is such a HUGE effort! I try to post 3 out of 7 or when I’m on a roll, every second day^^ 5 days a week would be my aim, but I don’t think I read enough for it just yet. You will do just perfect with it ❤

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  6. I’m so proud of you for cutting back on posting and requesting ARCs!! I know it’ll help you focus on reading more of what you love and help your mental health! I’ve put myself on a requesting ban until I catch up, and then afterwards ONLY the ones I *really* want to read.

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    1. Awh, Ashley! You’ll never know how much I needed to read this comment. It means the world to me. Thank you… beyond words, thank you. I hope you’re having the happiest of new years and reading. And, I’m always so damn proud of you! 💗xx

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    1. That is an AMAZING goal and an amazing book to start with! I’ve always wanted to read that series, so you’ll have to let me know how it goes! Happy New Year and happy reading, Cam! 💗xx


  7. These are such good goals! I think finding a schedule that works with you in terms of ARCs and posts for your blog will help ease a lot of stress. I used to be so adamant about posting every other day that I got burnt out. I didn’t blog much during 2018 because of it.

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    1. This comment honestly made me feel so good reading it… so much lighter? I don’t know. Thank you for these words, truly. They mean so much to me! I hope you’re having the happiest of new years already, Emmie! And happy reading always, love! 💗xx

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    Anyway these are great goals! Proud of you for recognizing when you need to take a break. I’m sure you’ll have a great year, birthday twin!

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    1. OMG, THE BIGGEST SAME? But I love you and now I’m truly starting 2019 off right with following you, my beautiful friend!

      And thank you so much for these words… I truly felt so much… lighter? brighter? reading them! And I’m wishing you all the love and happiness (and good books) this year, birthday twin! 💗xx


    1. Awh, I love you so damn much! And… sometimes I really need to hear these words! Especially coming from youuuu! Also – I forgot to write to you on IG but I hope your leg tremors are better and I hope you are having an amazing new year, sweetheart! Sorry I’ve been MIA, but I’ve been sending you all the light and love in the world… always! 💗xx

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  9. These are great goals and I’m glad to hear you’re cutting back on your posting, because I have no idea how you manage to post SO much and I know how exhausting it all can be. What matters is that you still have time to take care of yourself, too and not burn out. ❤ ❤
    I hope you'll have a fantastic 2019, Mel, and best of luck for all of your goals ❤ ❤

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    1. Marie… I needed these words SO much! Seriously… thank you, thank you so much! Happy 2019, beautiful! I hope it gives you the entire galaxy and all the stars within it, because that’s what you deserve! 💗xx

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  10. Those are excellent goals, Mel. I recently started following you and I am impressed with your discipline and dedication to the craft. I can only imagine how stressful it must all be. We appreciate you 💜 I wish you the best of 2019 and hope ALL your dreams and hopes come to fruition.

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  11. Sounds like great goals. Hope you achieve them all! Great that you noticed to take a step back from the pressure of posting and reviewing ARCs. I would be terrible if you started to dread doing this because of the pressure.

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  12. Super late on commenting on this but I totally get you about the arcs. People can’t imagine why I don’t request more but I find it really overwhelming when I *have* to get so many done for reviews in a month – it turns into a job. I’m completely, eternally grateful for being able to get arcs and I get the privilege but it sometimes starts to suck the joy out of reading when you are constantly pushing. I know Dec and Jan are really rough right now for me because of this reason – it’s like everything is coming out at the same time lol

    Also great goals! I really hope I can participate in the book club soon – I actually bought The Wicker King but my schedule (see above lol) didn’t allow me to read it! I’m just so happy for you and Amy though! So freaking exciting!!!

    Oh, and the joy you had reading the Shadowhunters – honestly that is more exciting then a million arcs to me. Just seeing someone fall in love with something, fully and completely ❤ Happy Reading this year love!

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    1. Awh, Mel… this comment meant A LOT to me. I think sometimes I just really need to hear words like this from friends and… thank you so much. I love you!

      YES to people not realizing ARCS are WORK and can get really stressful! And… I’m always here to talk Wicker King with you… never feel any pressure!

      And I can’t wait to see you grow more in 2019, with everything you touch… you damn King Midas! And I love you more than words and I’m SO thankful to call you my friend! 💗xx


  13. I totally understand you want to cut back on posts! I was posting daily, sometimes twice a day as well and this is really exciting but it’s so tiring indeed. At one point or another, it just isn’t doable anymore if there are other things you want to do as well haha. Seeing how booktube is taking off for you, I’d say focus on that indeed and just enjoy the ride ❤ It’ll all work out fine, I’m sure.

    Too many ARC’s can be quite stressful! I’ve requested a lot back in the day when I was becoming more active on Netgalley – this is like 3 years ago or something like that? – and I still haven’t caught up with it all because there are always new arc’s coming in between and things like that. I’m so bummed about that. So one of my goals is to get to the 80% feedback on Netgalley this year, which is basically not doable I guess, but I’m staying positive, lol.

    When I was writing down my goals in my bookish planner, I set my reading goal at 200… And afterward I was immediately like ‘Why on earth did you set it at 200?! That’s not doable at all this year!!!’ But since I wrote it down in the planner and didn’t want to cross it off because then it would look ugly, I decided to go ahead with it and set it at 200 on Goodreads. And I’ve been behind ever since the start of the year, le sigh. At the moment, I’m 3 books behind… ugh. I think I’m just going to adjust it anyway, damned the goal I set in the planner then. I’ll put a sticker over it or something like that. buwhaha. With the household, the mommy-ing, other appointments and the study I need to get back to, 200 is just way out of my reach.

    And really; screw them arcs. ALL ABOARD THE SHADOWHUNTER TRAIN, WHOOP WHOOP!

    Love the goals list! Hope you get around to accomplish all of them and I wish you the best!

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    1. YOUR REASONING FOR 200 BOOKS IS SO SOMETHING I WOULD DO AND I I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR IT! And… i totally think you can do it, love! But you are valid, regardless! And… never feel bad about changing that number!

      And thank you so much for this comment. Sometimes I think I just forget how much I need to hear these words. And i always feel like I’m going to let people down if I don’t post as much and stuff… and… sometimes we just put too much on our plates, and that’s okay! And that it’s okay to put some back! Ahhh.. I just love you SO damn much! So muuuuuch! And I hope 2019 gives you the entire universe! 💗xx


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