Again, But Better by Christine Riccio

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ARC received via #arcsfortrade on Twitter!

“If you could go back and do London all over again, knowing everything you know now, would you do it?”

Friends, I wanted to love this so badly. So damn badly. Christine is not only the actual Queen of BookTube, she was one of the first channels I ever watched. She just seems so kind, and genuine, and I always feel like she radiates positive energy, and she was such a massive part of why I wanted to read Shadowhunters in the first place. But this review isn’t going to be about that, nor is it going to be a drag or me spilling the tea; this review is just going to be about why this debut was only okay for me. Even though I very much hope it works for you come May 2019! Also, please keep in mind that I have a very early ARC copy of this book. Many things could be changed upon publication!

This story centers around a girl named Shane, who has had her life completely predictated by her parents’ wants and aspirations for her. Her parents want her to study medicine and to one day become a doctor, while all Shane wants to do is read and write. Yet, she somehow manages to be able to study abroad to the UK, where she will also be able to intern as a writer for a travel magazine and, most importantly, escape her parents’ expectations.

The book is also told in two parts; the first part being set in 2011 where Shane is 20, and the next part set in 2017 where Shane is 26. But the book starts out in 2011 and we soon follow Shane during her oversea travels, and we soon meet all of her flat mates, most of which who have ridiculous names; Babe, Atticus, Sahra, and Pilot Penn. Yeah, you read that last one right. But Shane is making sure that she is going to make the most of these three months of freedom, while trying to make friendships and connections that will last her entire life.

This books just reads so personal. Like, I would even go as far as to say that I would feel comfortable as classifying this as semiautobiographical. But instead of me being interested in the story, it really took me out of it because it felt so much like Christine and, in turn, felt so damn invasive.

Like, you will not be able to read this book and not picture the main character, Shane, as Christine. From studying abroad, to being open about not making many friends in college, to *gasp* Shane’s blog name being French Watermelon, to the constant Lost references, to the endless Cassandra Clare and Shadowhunter references, to Harry Potter galore, while the character of Shane also just has a personality and the same mannerisms as Christine. This just feels so semiautobiographical. I promise, you won’t be able to not see it. And maybe that will completely make the reading experience for you, and I truly hope it does, but it really pulled me out of the story constantly.

Also, Christine constantly is trying to make you remember that the story is set in 2011 for a majority of the time. Which is fine at first, but it becomes so heavy handed and forced that it really made for an unenjoyable reading experience. Angry Birds, to Jamie Foxx’s ”Blame It”, to every popular book of that time period! It was just too much, and it really did a disservice to the story, in my opinion.

But my biggest problem with this book was the grey-area cheating and even eventual cheating (a kiss). This was truly the reason that I could never love this book or ever feel anything for the characters. Plus, the character that is getting cheated on is always villainized to look like a bad girl, when she has every right to feel threatened.

Also, just because this is something that is personal to me, I really didn’t like how Shane’s parents were never said to be abusive when they most certainly were. Like, the verbal abuse alone her father showed in the text, on top of the constant emotional abuse throughout the entire story, it just made me so upset and I really was disappointed when the parents were never viewed as being shitty parents. Especially at the end when they are being portrayed as good parents, just because their child was able to succeed without them. It feels and reads so very bad. Seriously, if your parents only want to love and support you when you are successful then they aren’t that great of parents.

I really loved how this entire story and book shines a light on the constant theme of social anxiety. I’m not saying that Shane makes the wisest of choices throughout these six years but seeing her live with social anxiety was something that really meant a lot to me and something that I really appreciated.

My favorite thing about this book is how it truly is a love letter about how you have to live your life for yourself. I know that Shane learns this the hard way, but I think that this is a concept that more kids need to not only hear but to let the message absorb into their hearts. I know that I learned it way later in life, and I wish so desperately that I could go back and learn that my life is only ever mine and that I deserve happiness so much sooner. And I really hope that because Christine has such a huge audience, that so many teens and young adults will be back to learn this earlier and truly live and lead the lives that they want for themselves.

And this book is a really fast paced read, that will really leave you turning the pages because you’ll be super curious where everything is going. Even though I really didn’t like the romance in this book, I was really invested with all the different paths and connections that Shane was making constantly. And I truly believe that I could have sat down, with a big cup of tea, and read this book from cover to cover in one sitting.

Another thing I liked, that I don’t want to talk too much about because of spoilers, but there is for sure a magical element of this book that I was not expecting at all. And even though I think things could have been handled better (grey area cheating), I really enjoyed how this fantastical element was implemented into the story, and it was a surprise that made me happy.

There is also a very diverse cast. Even though the main characters, Shane and Pilot are white, I feel like most of Shane’s coworkers at the magazine were people of color, and Babe is black and plus sized, Sahra is said to be tan, and Atticus is Asian, gay, and a Gryffindor (which feels like a personal attack in the best way, because… it’s me)! There is also another queer minor character who comes out because Shane takes a second to talk to them, which is meant to be heartwarming but I was side eyeing a bit.

Overall, let’s be real, people are going to one star and five star this just based on who Christine is upon release, which is never okay, but these are truly my feelings, even though I think Christine is a six star human! Even though I didn’t love a lot of elements of this debut novel, I still really appreciated some of the themes and thought it was a fun and quick read!

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The quote above was taken from an ARC and is subject to change upon publication.

Content and trigger warnings for constant grey area cheating, cheating (a kiss), assault (an unwanted kiss), and the use of ableist language like cr*zy.

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39 thoughts on “Again, But Better by Christine Riccio

  1. I hadn’t heard of this yet, but am definitely intrigued about it! I think I’m at an advantage having not followed Christine at all (I have so much trouble “making time” for videos that I haven’t ventured into booktube yet!). While I can see how the other issues you described aren’t great, they aren’t necessarily dealbreakers for me personally so I think I’m gonna give this a shot. Great review, Melanie. As always, it’s great to hear your honest opinion. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Sarah love! I hope you enjoy this one! And you’ll have to let me know how you feel! I think so many people are going to be biased when they pick it up, so it will be AMAZING to hear someone that isn’t impacted by who the author is! 💖xx

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  2. I see your points about the issues with this book, but I still suspect I’ll enjoy it because it’s so rare these days to get a book that feels made for the twenty-something crowd. I forever feel stuck between reading books intended for teenagers and books made for people in their 30s and 40s if I ever want to read outside of sci-fi/fantasy. This looks like a good middle ground, and I hope it does well and shows that more books with twenty-something protagonists that aren’t written by Colleen Hoover are okay.

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    1. This is SO valid, Hannie! I actually loved that this felt like a new adult novel and I know you will, too! I still can’t believe Colleen Hoover is the blurb on this cover! Hahaha! But I hope you love it! Let me know once you finish it! Happy reading! 💖xx

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  3. I haven’t followed Christine… but I think you’re very brave to be honest about not enjoying a book by a reviewer you like… it’s a shame it didn’t quite work! But it sounds like its a good start and could be improved on

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    1. Awh, thank you so much for these words, love. I am a little nervous about this review, but I always have to be honest! I hope you’re currently reading something five star worthy, love! 💖xx


  4. One of the huge negatives of being an avid reader is not being blown away by the books/authors you were expecting to love.

    I remember reading Assassin’s Creed and being so let down … thankfully the rest have been a massive improvement.

    Hope your next read is more enjoyable.

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  5. Great review! I have a lot better understanding of what this book is about now. I am still very curious to read this book, especially because we followed Christine throughout this journey, but I will try to keep my expectations low because this is her debut novel after all.

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  6. I really hope that the whole cheating element gets changed in the final editing stages… I really do otherwise, I don’t think I’ll be picking this book up, which is a shame because I was looking forward to it so much!
    Great review though!


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  7. Such an INCREDIBLE REVIEW love! I’m not really interested in reading this book because, honestly, it doesn’t sound like something I would enjoy. But I still wanted to know what your thoughts were and I love that you’re, as always, super honest about it 💕😊

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  8. Shame you didn’t like this one Mel! I’m keen for it, but am surprised it takes place when she’s 26 ?? I thought this was YA? How strange.
    the names of her roommates though — what even??? lmao if I were her editor I would have asked her to change the names. I can tell she was inspired by Colleen Hoover though.
    Great review 😘💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It mostly takes place with she is twenty… sort of… I don’t know. It’s weird because of the magical element! BUT I AGREE IT IS AN OLDER YA FOR SURE! Lmaoooo! The names in this book were honestly the worst! AND YES TO THE COHO INSPIRATION! GOOD LORD! How did I NOT make that connection before? I will never unsee that! But… I am so curious what others are going to think of this one…. and I hope you are having the happiest of reading! 💗xx

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  9. I have the arc coming my way and I’m a little nervous. Like you, I really want to love this book and support it. I think booktubers get such an unfair amount of hate when they get published, it’s just so negative and yucky. However, after reading your review – I’m even more nervous. The cheating thing always bothers me a lot, esp when it’s made out like the other person had it coming because of how they act. I really really hate that kind of storyline – it makes me super uncomfortable. I like that social anxiety comes into play and hopefully some ok diversity *fingers crossed* Here’s hoping I’ll have better luck with it than you but I am still just so happy to see you being positive about a booktuber getting published – that is how it should be ❤ Great review as always.

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    1. I am SO happy you have an ARC coming your way because I NEED to talk to someone about this! Yeah… I think it was my own fault because I had A LOT of hype going into this 100% because of my damn self! Hahaha! But yeah… It honestly reminded me a lot of Anna and the French Kiss, so I am really curious to see where others fall with it… and feel about it?

      But I hope you love it. And I am SO looking forward to talking to you about it! And I completely agree with people being gross just because she’s a booktuber that gets published… like youtubers get published constantly and no one says anything, but because she actually likes books and reading it’s… bad? Like, people are so wild. I don’t know! BUT HAPPY READING AND I LOVE YOU! 💗xx


  10. I have watched some of Christine’s video and as I was reading this review I can totally agree with you that it does sounds like, I don’t think that’s something I will put off by but it will be in the back of my mind just like it was while reading it. Not sure if I’ll ever pick it up but love the review.

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  11. This was such an honest, in-depth review–I don’t normally read contemporaries but I am planning on picking this up because I love Christine so much. I’m not sure how I’ll feel about it considering all you said, but I’m going to keep an open mind nonetheless!

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