Dragons & Tea Book Club | March Pick

dragons & tea

Hey, loves! Okay, today we are announcing our March pick for the #DragonsAndTeaBookClub! Me and Amy are both Asian, so it was almost a crime that we had not yet picked an Asian author to celebrate for our book club! The author we picked is Filipino (I’m completely not biased, I promise), and his story is filled with a diverse cast of characters that we can’t wait to fall in love with! And this book is extra cool, because it will teach you how to make a unique cocktail every other chapter!Β πŸ’—

And we hope that you all will join us in our Goodreads Group, too! πŸ‰β˜•

But we also will be celebrating and talking with you all on Twitter and Instagram using the (hashtag)Β #DragonsAndTeaBookClub!

But without further ado, ourΒ MarchΒ pick is:

➽ Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge by Paul Krueger

➽ The Dates & Breakdown:
March 4th – Chapters 1 – 2
March 5th – Chapters 3 – 6
March 6th – Chapters 7 – 10
March 7th – Chapters 11 – 14
March 8th – Chapters 15 – End

➽ Content and Trigger Warnings for:
Alcohol Consumption
(From Sasha’s Amazing Review!)

And if you’d like to be friends with me and Amy on any other platform:
πŸ‰β˜• Melanie:Β InstagramΒ |Β TwitterΒ |Β Goodreads
πŸ‰β˜• Amy:Β InstagramΒ |Β TwitterΒ |Β Goodreads

7 thoughts on “Dragons & Tea Book Club | March Pick

  1. I haven’t kept up with your book group I am so sorry 😭😭😭 SAME AS MAY I AN GOING TO TRY AND GET IT FROM MY LIBRARY since I started using it again!! Also I wasn’t that interested tbh until I saw that the author is Filipino!! Amazing. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’


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