TAROT Blog Tour: Anna and James

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Anna is your average 16-year-old girl except for the fact that she was born of a passionate affair between the Hierophant King’s wife and a powerful magician.  She’s been locked in a Tower since birth, her only company the daily visits of her trio of advisers, The Magician, the Fool and the Hermit.

Here Anna writes a personal ad, which she’ll probably attach to the foot of a pigeon, send off and hope for the best.

Desperately Seeking Sunshine

Lonely girl locked in Tower seeks fun-loving companion, preferably her age.

She dreams of long walks on a beach (or anywhere outside of the Tower truth be told). Desires a partner who is social but who also enjoys quiet time for reflection. He must be up for the challenge of being pursued by a tyrannical Hierophant King with all the resources of his kingdom at his disposal. (Last part non-negotiable.) Those intimated by a strong young woman coming into her own, need not apply,

James is a drop dead gorgeous, free-spirited, guy who has spent most of his life cavorting on the island of Cups. He hides a deeper side from others and seeks someone who might understand and love everything he has to offer. In his ad, he reaches out for his dream girl.

More than Meets the Eyes

Fun-loving teen male seeks …something new. Sometimes eternal sunshine and the perfect sunset (every night) can get a little old. He’s looking for a girl who ponders the big questions but also digs a midnight horseback race and knows how to crack a coconut.

💗 The Meet-Cute 💗

When I pulled a card from my tarot deck to describe Anna and James’s relationship, the Temperance card popped up. This delicious card from the major arcana is all about balance. Melissa Cynova, in her book, Kitchen Table Tarot, deftly explains the difference between major and minor arcana cards.

“They’re equally important, they both tell stories. The difference is that the Major Arcana is your life IN ALL CAPS, and the minor arcana is just your life.”


“The majors are the bed in the road. The minors are the road signs.”

The Temperance card, features an angel (always a good sign) standing in a stream (one foot on land, one in the water) surrounded by flowers. He pours water back and forth between two cups. It’s an image of balance, calm and synergy.

James’s devil may care, island-living style shoots a dazzling arrow of adventure into Anna’s life for the first time. On the flip side, Anna’s tendency toward reflection and introspection touches and develops a part of James he has never really shared with anyone else.

Balance. Synergy. Temperance.

Together, Anna James weave an intimacy that challenges them both to grow and pulses with passion and excitement. They literally end up making art together!

I hope you enjoy following Anna and James on their adventures! Happy Valentine’s Day!


I hope you all enjoyed! I am so thankful that Penguin asked me to be a part of their blog tour! And especially with this super awesome post! I will be starting Tarot in a few days and I can’t wait to post my review for you all! And I hope you will all check out Tarot upon release on February 19th! 💕

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