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dragons & tea

Hey, loves! Okay, today we are announcing our April pick for the #DragonsAndTeaBookClub! I’m extra excited about this pick, because the author has made it on my end of the year favorite books lists for both 2017 and 2018! Also, I just love the author with my whole heart and soul and I’m not sure what the world has done to deserve her, or her prose which is a tier above most everyone. But the book we picked is an ownvoices Latinx Magical Realism story, all about a Latina girl and an Italian-Pakistani trans boy falling in love with each other. 💗

And we hope that you all will join us in our Goodreads Group, too! 🐉☕

But we also will be celebrating and talking with you all on Twitter and Instagram using the (hashtag) #DragonsAndTeaBookClub!

But without further ado, our April pick is:

When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore


➽ The Dates & Breakdown:
April 8th: Page 1 – 56 – Bay of Trust
April 9th: Page 57 – 107 – Sea of Waves
April 10th: Page 108 – 156 – Sea of Tranquility 
April 11th: Page 157 – 217 – Bay of Dew
April 12th: Page 218 – END

Content and Trigger Warnings for:
Abusive parents, mention of death of a parent in the past, torture, blackmail, blood, & misgendering of trans characters (I’m assuming ALWAYS in a negative light!)
(From K’s Amazing Review!)

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14 thoughts on “Dragons & Tea Book Club | April Pick

  1. Oh yay I was so excited to hear what the next book was after really enjoying Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge. I am excited to check this one out. I have Wild Beauty on my TBR. I have heard so many wonderful things about the author so excited to finally check her out!

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