Summerathon Announcement | 2019

Hey friends! I am finally home from Hawaii! And I am finally getting back into my normal routine! I promise, I will have lots of content for you in June! And I’ve missed you all so much! But today I am here to tell you about a really exciting readathon next month that my friend Amy created and asked me to cohost with her and some friends!

June 21 – June 27

Amy @ A Court of Crowns and Quills

Jen @ Pinot and Pages

Heather @ Bookables

Aimee @ Aimee Reads

1. A Beachy Read: this can be either a book set at the beach or just a book think would be perfect to read on the beach or poolside.

2. Sunrise colors on the cover: pink, orange, yellow, purple, blue…really, there are so many directions to go for this.

3. Book with a roadtrip, traveling, or vacation

4. Book set in the summer

5. Food on the cover (Or drink! Make it your own!)

6. Drink your favorite summertime drink while reading!

You can totally double up on challenges, or pick whichever ones look most appealing to you! This is a really laid back readathon, and we would just be honored if you joined us! Also, make sure you follow the instagram and twitter and use #summerathon so we can see and boost your photos, TBRs, and wrap ups!

Also, Please also remember that June is Pride Month, so we are really encouraging you all to make your TBRs as queer as possible! Also, there are some really amazing LGBTQIAP+ readalongs and readathons going on in the month of June, too! And you should check some of them out: Eloise, Kathy, & Boston! And there is also Smutathon happening, which I also plan to make my TBR hella queer! 🌈

I’m so excited for all the things happening in June, and hopefully you’ll join us for our readathon! Again, I’m sorry I haven’t been too active in May, but hopefully I’ll be here with consistent content from June on! I love you all, and I hope life is treating you so very kindly! Happy reading!

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37 thoughts on “Summerathon Announcement | 2019

  1. post: saved

    i can’t wait to participate in this read a thon !! i’m also going to be doing boston’s read a thon in june as well so i’m so excited !!!

    glad to have you back, angel ❤

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  2. I’ve already picked my TRB for #summerathon! I’m ready for it… also I want to participate in #smutathon as well but I’ll be honest, I’ve never participated before and I’m not sure if the books I chose are really considered “smut”. Do regular romances work as long as they fit the challenge? Hope you had a great vacay, we’re happy to have you back, though!

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    1. My heart! I can’t wait to see your TBR! You are always so dang kind, and honor me so much! Thank you for just being my friend!

      And for me? Smut just means it was an erotic scene in it! Hahaha! But totally pick whatever you want, sweetheart! Regular romances would be perfect, I’m sure! 💖xx


  3. Ah how was your holiday? I hope you had an amazing time! I’d love to take part in this but sadly it falls when I’ll be away in Prague! I don’t think I’ll get much reading done while I’m on holiday because I’ll be sightseeing, but I hope you have a fab readathon! ❤

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    1. It was so good! I never wanted to leave! I only wish I had a teleporter to bring you along! Don’t feel bad at all, love! I hope you have a beautiful time in Prague! And I hope the universe is treating you kindly, sweetheart! 💖xx


    1. Awh, Melanie! I missed you so much, love! I have so much in TBR & Beyond to catch up on! But I am so excited to! I love you and I can’t wait to see your TBR, beautiful! 💖xx


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