The Savior (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #17) by J.R. Ward

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“Grief is a cold stream you acclimate to.”

Friends, we are seventeen books into this series, there is barely anything I can possibly say that isn’t spoilery! But I will say that I have been reading this series since I was very young, and I look forward to a new BDB book every single year, and the Savior was no exception!

The basic premise of this series is that in the Black Dagger Brotherhood we follow a bunch of powerful vampires, that are in an elite group that protects humans, vampires, angels, and a bunch of other paranormal entities, and they all live in this big mansion, and they all are one big family that’s just saving the world. And, because we are seventeen books in, each book focuses on a new member (or soon to be or maybe one day possibly becoming a member), while an older member (who has already had their own book) has a side storyline going on as well!

This book focuses primarily on Murhder, who has been talked about and hinted at for so very many books leading up to this one. He was kicked out of the BDB back in the day, and in this book we get to see why and what happened after he left. Sadly, it was very much based on miscommunication, and I didn’t love it very much.

The other star of this book is Sarah, who I actually really did like. I won’t lie, the instalove was real in this romance, but I still just really enjoyed it for some reason. Plus, Sarah, who is a scientist, trying to get to the bottom of a mysterious coverup that happened many years ago, was fascinating, and I loved the mystery and watching it unfold.

And the side storyline going on is about John Matthew, who is (sadly) my least favorite brother. And Xhex, who is Jon Matthews partner, is also one of my least favorite characters, and I hated how she didn’t speak up in this book and let someone else take the blame for something. Like, it felt really bad, and it really ensured their place as my least favorite couple in this world. Also, the bandage that was placed on the situation for the easiest fix ever? Felt horrible.

Overall, I just feel like this wasn’t as strong of a book. Like, almost to the point that you could completely take out this book and it wouldn’t impact the storyline whatsoever, which is never a good feeling. I am very excited for book eighteen, but this one wasn’t even close to being one of my favorite books. Also, that romantic haircut? Lord, please, no, never. I know this review is really vague, and I’m sorry for that, but if you’re looking for a PNR romance, filled with alpha vampires, a lot of romance, and a lot of sex, I totally think you should give this series a try! Also, I am hoping we get more of my favorite fallen angel in the next one, because the world deserves more Lassiter, and I also hope to see more of my favorite literary cat.

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Content and Trigger Warnings for medical experimentation on humans/vampires, torture, captivity, abuse, talk of loss of a loved one, talk of cancer, talk of thoughts of suicide, use of language like “females” and “males” being the norm, and war themes.

Buddy read with my best friend Paloma! ❤

1.) Dark Lover ★★★★★
2.) Lover Eternal ★★★★★
3.) Lover Awakened ★★★★★
4.) Lover Revealed ★★★★★
5.) Lover Unbound ★★★★★
6.) Lover Enshrined ★★★★
7.) Lover Avenged ★★★
8.) Lover Mine ★★★★
9.) Lover Unleashed ★★★
10.) Lover Reborn ★★★★
11.) Lover at Last ★★★★★
12.) The King ★★★★★
13.) The Shadows ★★★★★
14.) The Beast ★★★★
15.) The Chosen ★★★★
16.) The Thief ★★★★

10 thoughts on “The Savior (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #17) by J.R. Ward

  1. One of my all-time favorite series, it is so nice to see other people giving love to BDB. John Matthew used to be one of my favorite characters until he met his partner and then I wasn’t rooting for him as much – really cool to see your perspective on him and Xhex.

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  2. Omg how did you manage to still keep this review non-spoilery even though this is literally the seventeenth book? Wow your talent amazes me! Also, I’ve been hearing such good things about this Lassiter guy and I might read this series just to meet him.

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  3. Lover Eternal will forever be my favorite in the series, because of Mary’s storyline. I can relate to her on a level.


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