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Hey, loves! Are you all ready for the September pick for #DragonsAndTeaBookClub?  September 15th is the start of Latinx Heritage Month, and so we knew we wanted to pick an ownvoices book to fall in love with and to start the cerebration with! And the book we picked is all about friendships, promises, and unconditional love! Oh, and maybe a little bit of a murder mystery, too, when three girls end up dead and the police are ruling it as suicides, even though one magical girl doesn’t believe that is the truth! 💗

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But without further ado, our September pick is:

Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson

 The Dates & Breakdown:
September 16th: Chapters 1 – 5
September 17th: Chapters 6 – 10
September 18th: Chapters 11 – 15
September 19th: Chapters 16 – 20
September 20th: Chapters 21 – 25

 Content and Trigger Warnings:
Death, self-harm, murder, suicide, descriptions of the dead, depression, grief, one joke about PTSD. (From Amber’s review!)

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Darkdawn (The Nevernight Chronicle, #3) by Jay Kristoff

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ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

1.) Nevernight ★★★★★
2.) Godsgrave ★★★★★

“I am a daughter of the dark between the stars,” she replied. “I am the thought that wakes the bastards of this world sweating in the nevernight. I am the vengeance of every orphaned daughter, every murdered mother, every bastard son.” Mia leaned forward and looked the man in the eye. “I am the war you cannot win.”

Nevernight is about a girl, desperate to learn the truth of her family, and willing to do anything it takes to seek her revenge.

Godsgrave is about a young woman, learning more of her and her family’s past, and willing to do anything it takes to survive.

Darkdawn is about a powerful woman, learning what she wants in this life, and willing to do anything to protect the ones she loves.

“As promised, her birth you’ve witnessed, her life you’ve lived. All that remains is her death.”

Hi, my name is Melanie, and I truly think this trilogy is a masterpiece. Most of you know, this is a very beloved series in the book community, and with good reason, it truly is a story that somehow has completely bled into my very own heart and feels completely a part of me. Seeing Mia, seeing her struggles and defeats, seeing her power and victories, seeing everything ugly and beautiful in between, it has been an honor, friends. A true honor and one that I won’t forget.

This is going to be a hard book to review, mostly because it is the concluding book of a trilogy, but also just because I am too emotionally invested. Seeing Mia be a recruit for the red church, to seeing her being a gladiator willing to risk it all, to seeing her deal with what it means to get close to your absolution, it’s all so beautiful and it all evokes so many emotions from me that are beyond words.

I guess I should take a minute to talk about all the side characters, even though I truly could gush about Mia Corvere forever. But Mia has so many enemies, but just as many people who truly have grown to love her. This series has such an extensive cast of side characters, but they all feel so different and so fleshed out.

“But it’s a terrible thing, Dona Mia, when the ones who should love you best leave you for the wolves.”

Especially Mercurio. You all know that I have loved this grumpy old man for many years, but what a bright, shining light in this final installment. I love what was done with his character so much! And let’s all be honest here, we all love seeing when the hard, grumpy one ends up being the soft, sweet one. Mercurio and Mia’s relationship and found family is the stuff of dreams. And the constant theme of family being the people you choose is so beautifully executed throughout this entire series, but it is especially highlighted in Darkdawn.

And not to get into anything spoiler, but you all know I love reading about sibling relationships, especially when it is an older sister protecting a little brother. Also, I have been very open about this series having one of my favorite f/f relationships of all time, and I was living my best life, gentle friends, truly. All of the relationship dynamics are expertly done; romantic, platonic, familial, all perfection.

The author has been very open about the ending of this book and how it was going to be pretty sad, but the ending truly surpassed everything I could have imagined. I find it very rare for me to be completely satisfied with the ending of a beloved series, and somehow Jay Kristoff was able to pull off perfection.

“Sometimes the past won’t just die. Sometimes you have to kill it.”

Overall, this series just means a lot to me, and I truly love it wholeheartedly. And before you all ask, yes, I did cry a lot while reading. First, because I truly am still not ready to say goodbye, but also because Jay Kristoff does not pull back the punches, and this shit hurts, friends. But I was crying with a smile on my face, this I swear. And all the footnotes? I feel like I could write a separate review for the spectrum of emotions they were able to evoke from me. I just love this series so much, and I love Mia more than any words I could string together for a sappy review. Lastly, anyone who loves the UK versions of this series? You all are going to geek out while reading this book. Okay, love you, bye.

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The quotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication.

Content and Trigger Warnings: talk of child sex slavery in the past, graphic violence, gore, blood depiction, torture, loss of a loved one, death, murder, a lot of alcohol consumption, talk of rape in the past, talk of pedophilia in the past, talk of suicide, many threats of rape, sexual assault (unwanted touching), and abandonment. This is a very dark, adult book! Please use caution while reading, and make sure you are in a safe headspace.

Gideon the Ninth (The Ninth House #1) by Tamsyn Muir

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ARC provided by Tor in exchange for an honest review.

“The more you struggle against the Ninth, Nav, the deeper it takes you; the louder you curse it, the louder they’ll have you scream.”

Hi, my name is Melanie, and this was a really hard review to write for many reasons. First, I think I have hyped this book for all of 2019, and I have been very vocal about it being my favorite book of the year, and the best debut I’ve ever had the privilege of reading. Next, how do you write a review on the book of your heart? The book that feels like it was crafted for you? The book that has lit up the darkest places of your soul? It’s hard, friends. Truly. Lastly, I know nothing I say here will do this book justice. But I suppose I should give it a try regardless, aye?

Gideon the Ninth is a book about a swordfighter named Gideon who is my favorite literary character of all time. Gideon is so witty, so funny, so charming, and such a thorn in Harrowhark’s side. Harrowhark is a necromancer, while also being the main ruler of the Ninth’s planet. Both of these characters are harboring a few secrets of their own, but they are both so unsure of their pasts and their futures for so very many reasons.

That is, until one day the Emperor has invited all eight necromancer heirs, from all eight loyal Houses, to compete in unknown trails to possibly ascend into something that will make them immortal, but the costs of losing can very well be their lives. No necromancer can compete without a skilled cavalier by their side, and Harrowhark has no choice but to get Gideon to help her and save the future of the Ninth House.

“You are the honoured heirs and guardians of the eight Houses. Great duties await you. If you do not find yourself a galaxy, it is not so bad to find yourself a star, nor to have the Emperor know that the both of you attempted this great ordeal.”

But once Gideon and Harrowhark arrive on the Emperor’s planet, they soon realize that the tasks are going to be much more mysterious and much more difficult than anyone could have predicted. Especially when cavaliers and necromancers from the other houses start getting murdered. Gideon is not only tasked to help Harrowhark, she also has to ensure that she keeps breathing herself, while also trying to figure out who is doing the unspeakable things to other competitors.

Tamsyn then leads us on this beautiful adventure, where twist after twist occurs so seamlessly that you can’t help but feel completely enthralled. The writing is so beautiful, so intelligent, and so very impressive. And the way the entire story is told is so very transportive! I mean, this book has one of the scariest settings I’ve read all year, but I felt like I was right there battling for my life, with a goofy smile on my face. And the atmosphere and constant chill while reading? It’s unparalleled and truly an experience like no other.

“Maybe it’s that I find the idea comforting . . . that thousands of years after you’re gone . . . is when you really live. That your echo is louder than your voice.”

I love this book for many reasons, but I also love it because it’s over the top, and has so many one-liners, and it’s painfully romantic, and the girl gets the girl at the end. And it’s what’s I’ve been waiting my whole reading life for. This is a better, and way more unique, and 100% more impressive version of what straight, white dudes have been publishing in SFF forever. I keep seeing people say that they feel this book is too confusing, the characters too over the top, and the world too complex, but I just don’t feel that way at all. This is the story my sapphic loving heart has been searching for in epic fantasy my whole life. Gideon the Ninth is my queer, literary loving heart’s anthem, and I plan to play it on repeat forever.

This book has the best enemies to lovers romance I’ve ever read in all of my years. Yeah, you read that right. In my whole freaking life, this is my favorite. I’m talking OTP for the rest of my days. I didn’t exist before this ship sailed in this first book. And this book also has such a central theme of trust, and what it means to put your trust in another. Also, what it means to be trustful, and the privilege of having someone put their trust in you, unconditionally. And this book also has an amazing discussion on power dynamics and imbalances, and how important it is to be aware of these things while putting your trust in yourself and in someone else, simultaneously.

“You are my only friend. I am undone without you.”

Overall, this really just felt like the book I’ve been waiting my own personal eternity for. This felt like the book of my dreams and my hopes. All I want is ownvoices queer books, with f/f relationships, with cutthroat girls putting themselves first, but allowing themselves to be vulnerable enough to maybe let someone else get to see a softer side of them. Almost like I’ve been reviewing books for five years now, preparing myself to read and review Gideon the Ninth, even though I know no word combination or sentence structure I could ever come up with could do it justice for this story. Basically, I know this book isn’t going to be for everyone, but if you feel like you have similar reading taste to me, then I implore you to give this one a try. I mean, if the tagline “Lesbian Necromancers in Space” isn’t going to sell you, hopefully my emotional, bleeding heart self can. This book means everything to me, and I hope you enjoy if you pick it up.

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The quotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication.

Content and Trigger Warnings: graphic violence, gore, murder, mass murder, human sacrifice, many conversations about suicide, death, death of children, talk of depression, grief depiction, trauma depiction, loss of a loved one, lots of blood depiction, self-harm to get blood, and mentions of cancer.

Also, I was so blessed, and I was able to meet Tamsyn at BookExpo and she is honestly the sweetest necromancer in the world, and she truly made my entire convention! 🖤⚔️

Ninth House (Ninth House Series #1) by Leigh Bardugo

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ARC acquired at Book Expo in exchange for an honest review.

“There were always excuses for why girls died.”

Ninth House is a love letter to living and surviving unspeakable abuse. This is a book all about trauma, and PTSD, and healing, in any and every way that you can. This is a book for victims, who have felt they will never get the piece of them back that someone forcefully took. This is a book for anyone who was willing to do anything to feel empowered after something horrible occurred. This is a book about the dark and the light and the in between phases a human can go through to get their voice back.

But this is also a story about a girl named Galaxy Stern, or Alex, who is from LA, but is now across the country and studying at Yale. The book continuously switches back and forth from Late Spring to Winter, so we get to see what happened in the past and the ramifications it causes for present day Alex.

In the Winter, we get to see her starting Yale, meeting a man named Darlington, and learning all about the nine secret societies at Yale, with secret, magical rituals that they perform. Lethe recruits a new freshman every three years to join sixteen seniors every year, where they gain knowledge of the occult. And Alex was picked because she has a very sought-after ability, that she has been running from her entire life. Also, it is Lethe House’s responsibility as the ninth house to keep the others in order and make sure they aren’t doing bad things.

In the Spring, everything is different, and Alex is struggling with the weight of so much. From missing people, to ghosts who are paying her too much attention, to a girl being murdered that Alex can’t help but think was because of one of the secret societies, and she is willing to do anything to solve the case. Even if that means making a deal with one of the ghosts she is supposed to be ignoring.

“But the trouble had begun on a night in the full dark of winter, when Tara Hutchins died and Alex still thought she might get away with everything.”

Sounds pretty amazing, right? And I’m telling you, this book’s atmosphere, along with the campus setting, it was a perfect combination. Also, you all know that I think Leigh’s writing is a tier above most. The quotes I was able to pull from this book? They take the breath from my lungs even upon rereading them.

Also, this book has a beautiful discussion about privilege and power dynamics. Leigh does not hold back truth of what white, rich, privileged boys and how they feel they are entitled to any and everything, and God bless her for that. Cycles of abuse and entitlement truly can be passed down, leaving terrible things in their wake, which will impact so many victims for their entire lives. Unchecked privilege is a terrifying thing, friends. And Leigh is not scared to go there, in the terrible acts they commit, to the horrible ends they deserve, and I really appreciated it, and it may have been my favorite element of this book.

“Beautiful boys who should be happy, who wanted for nothing but still found things to take.”

But you all are probably wondering why I gave this book three stars. I’m going to be brutally honest, not much happened in this book, and surely enough didn’t happen for this book to be almost 500 pages. I feel like you could easily cut this book in half and it would have been way more impactful and way more exciting to read. As much as I loved the healing of this book, and I loved the premise of secret societies all about the occult, I just felt so damn bored by reading this book. It started to feel like a chore to pick up, and this book took me twice the amount of time it would normally take me to read.

It also started to feel so formulaic, where something really bad and heartbreaking would happen (past or present) then we’d have 50+ pages of nothing, and then something even worse happens, then 50+ of nothing. I will never lessen anyone’s trauma or how they choose to write and heal about it, but this book just made me feel nothing and then immeasurably uncomfortably and sadness, back to back to back, and it made for a really not great reading experience for me. Also, my favorite character was for sure Darlington, and I really wish we could have seen so much more of him. And lastly, the ending sort of wrapped this story up, I guess? But it just left me desiring so much more, and not in a good way if I’m being honest.

So, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. I picked this book up the day before twitter exploded about the trigger warnings. I will be honest, it made for such a strange reading experience, because I felt like everyone was looking at me, even though I was only 100 pages into this book. At the end of this review, like always, I will have all the trigger warnings that I found listed. This is a dark book, with very dark themes and elements, and some extremely dark scenes. Alex truly has horrible things happen to her and her loved ones throughout her short life. I highly recommend you make sure you are in a safe headspace before picking this one up, because a few of these triggers are not my own, but they still really bothered me to read.

“People didn’t need magic to be terrible to each other.”

Overall, this was a disappointment for me. This was easily my most anticipated release of 2019, besides Queen of Nothing, and maybe I just put it on a pedestal subconsciously. I do think this one will be polarizing upon release, and I have friends who love this more than me and dislike this more than me. Honestly, I’m in this weird middle ground where I loved the setting and atmosphere, but I didn’t love the story or characters. I will probably still pick up the next installment, I think I’m just going to go into it with lower expectations.

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The quotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication.

Content and Trigger Warnings: drug use, overdosing, murder, death, loss of a loved one, rituals, gore, PTSD depiction, grief depiction, self-harm, bloodletting, rape, child (12) rape (it is only two pages, but it is very graphic), statutory rape (15), sexual assault, forced sexual assault on video, talk of suicide, blackmail, physical abuse, a magical date rape drug, forced eating of human waste (to a rapist), and racism (always in a negative light).

Birthday BTS Liveshow Information

Hello, friends! My birthday is a week away from today, August 27th at 5 PST / 8 EST! And to celebrate, me and a few of my best friends (Jane, Madalyn, & Chelsea) are doing a liveshow! This is the very first liveshow that I’ve ever hosted on my YouTube channel, and we are going to be talking all about BTS and all their amazing eras! 💜

Yeah, I’m in too deep, but I’m so happy and I would be so honored if you came and joined us! During this liveshow we are going to be discussing all the eras (each album) and who we thought completely owned it! And we would love the chat to pick their favorites as well! Therefore, I made a playlist and for this post I’m going to list all of the videos and all of the eras (because some eras have more than one music video) so you can be prepared (or just freshen up) if you want to join us! And we are picking our faves for each era based on visuals, dancing, vocals, and overall presence and vibe! It is going to be extremely hard to pick, but I’m so excited, and I hope you join us! ✨

Also, we made a Google form where you can actually vote on your pick! We will close it before the end of liveshow (so people can also make picks alongside us if they wish) and we will discuss the rankings at the very end! Ahh, I’m so excited! I love you, all! 💜

➽ 2 Cool 4 Skool ERA
(No More Dream)

➽ O!RUL8,2? ERA

➽ Skool Luv Affair ERA
(Boy In Luv)

➽ Dark & Wild ERA
(Danger & War of Hormone)

➽ The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1 ERA
(Dope & I Need U)

➽ The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 2 ERA

➽ Young Forever ERA
(Fire & Save Me)

➽ Wings ERA
(Blood, Sweat & Tears)

➽ You Never Walk Alone ERA
(Not Today & Spring Day)

➽ Love Yourself: HER ERA
(DNA & Mic Drop)

➽ Love Yourself: TEAR ERA
(Fake Love)

➽ Love Yourself: ANSWER ERA

➽ Map of Soul: Persona ERA
(Boy With Luv)

Forever thankful for this community, forever thankful for all the friendships I’ve made, and forever thankful for you your support, whether I’m talking about books or boy bands. You all mean so much to me, and I will always have you all in my heart… forever.

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Feast of Sparks (Thornchapel #2) by Sierra Simone

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1.) A Lesson in Thorns ★★★★

“I am the girl who kneels at night. I am the bride of thorns.”

Alright, first off, I still completely recommend A Lesson in Thorns, and it is still one of my favorite romances of the year. I just believe with my whole heart that you should pretend it is a standalone, because Feast of Sparks was a complete mess. From unprotected sex, with multiple partners back to back, to questionable flashbacks to boys who are only sixteen, to Dom/sub relationships that felt a lot like abuse, to even incest, this book was a joke. Also, if you couldn’t tell, this is probably going to be a rant review, so if you don’t want me trashing a book you love, you probably shouldn’t read any further. AND I am probably going to lace MINOR SPOILERS for books one and two throughout this review, so please use caution while reading.

Becket – The priest. Bi, and living his life for God.
Rebecca – The genius. Bi, Black, and the Dom of my dreams still.
Delphine – The socialite. Bi, plus-sized, and Instagram famous.
St. Sebastian – The saint. Bi and biracial (white and Mexican).
Auden – The heir. Bi, and owner of Thornchapel.
Prosperpina/Poe – The dreamer. Bi and narcoleptic (both ownvoices), total submissive, but extra annoying and whiney in this installment.

Basically, this is a story about a girl named Poe, who comes back to a remote manor called Thornchapel after her mother goes missing. She is quickly reunited with the friends that she hasn’t seen in many, many years, and they soon realize that they all would totally be down having sex with one another, and so they do. But at the end of the first book a big reveal happens that leaves Poe and her five friends very shook up.

But I mean, what is the best way to cope with finding the dead body of your mother, after she’s been missing for twelve years? More kinky sex, please! Because like, who wants to read a 400 page book where they would spend at least a sentence talking about grief, trauma, and depression? Yikes!

I always want to touch upon how so many white women in romance fetishize m/m romances written by white women. And yes, this is a book that feels polyamorous without using the word, and there are many group sex scenes, and maybe scenes involving more than m/m sex, but this book has A LOT of m/m sex, and flashbacks all the way throughout about these two boys and how their romances started. I don’t even want to talk about how uncomfortable it is to read about sixteen-year-old boys and their erections and them noticing things about each other, and their promises for more than just making out, but it just feels extra bad in Feast of Sparks.

Also, it is not lost on me that we barely get to see Poe and Rebecca have a sex scene (with Auden there), and Delphine and Rebecca’s sex scene wasn’t on page. Yet, we get so much Auden and Saint, pages and pages, both past and present, no matter at what point in the story you are at. You all, do better, it’s 2019, and your obsession with m/m written by women is gross.

Yet, I can’t believe that I actually read a book in 2019 that depicted people having group sex without using condoms. Because you know, “Hehe, we talked about it and we are all healthy” is totally enough. Especially when three guys are cumming inside the same girl who didn’t tell them that she wasn’t on any form of birth control. Especially when one of the guys is having back to back anal sex, because who cares? It’s hot to “spill your manly seed everywhere” or what the fuck ever. Jesus wept, and so did I.

I will never be quiet about the importance of healthy and consensual relationships of all kinds, but especially sexual relationships that are in or venturing into the BDSM world. Auden’s treatment of Saint in the name of “kink” was really gross, and I honestly had a feeling this book was going to be a let down after he first slaps him in the first sexual encounter. Again, this is portrayed as a kink, maybe masochistic tendencies, and Saint likes it, but there was never any pretalk about the arrangement or if anything physical was going to happen during the sexual encounter; he just slapped him to be cruel, in my opinion. And every single time he would bite him and make him bruise and bleed? Like, dude, please stop.

Speaking of cruel, let’s talk about Auden’s treatment of Saint’s mother. You quickly learn why Saint is upset at Auden, and it’s a very good reason to be upset at someone. Yet, we are strung along the entire book while waiting to find out what Saint did to Auden to deserve such treatment. And it was the most pathetic reason you could imagine. Yet, Saint thinks it is valid apparently, so who am I? Oh, just someone who can smell abuse, and a victim in a cycle of abuse from their constant abuser, a mile away. Hello.

Lastly, this is something that made me feel uncomfortable, but I know it wont make everyone feel that way; there is a sexual scene that happens in a church with a priest and it made my Catholic-self want to repent. I’ll drag myself, and say that I normally do LOVE erotic reading about people trying to balance their convictions and their sexual wants, but this one was too much for me. Because the priest stays in the role of priest and it just skeezed me out completely. Plus, when you’re comparing a dude’s cum to Holy Communion? I’m out. I’m sorry, I’m out. *prays the rosary forever*

Overall, this was probably the worst book I’ve read all year, and I’m just so disappointed. I will not be continuing on with the series. Even though I loved A Lesson in Thorns, I was harassed by a reviewer on multiple platforms about how me saying the characters could be pan was wrong, even though the word bi wasn’t used for all of them, which lead me to writing to the author and her confirming it, which lead to me being hurt, honestly. I licked my wounds and picked this book up though, because I loved A Lesson in Thorns and me and my friends were so dang excited to buddy read this together at midnight! Sadly, the last chapter was truly the worst thing I’ve read all year, and I don’t care anymore to see how this plays out. And I don’t care if it ends up being fake, because Auden thought it was true, and the author is using it as a plot device to have all of us believe it is true.

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Content and Trigger Warnings: talk of loss of a loved one, grief depiction, trauma depiction, depression depiction, underage drinking in the past, bullying in the past, physical violence in the past, some very triggering internal monologues about body image, brief rementioning/hint of sexual abuse in the past, talk of human sacrifice, religious rituals involving sex, invasion of privacy, unprotected sex without telling or discussing with the partner(s), and incestuous sexual relations and storylines!

Buddy read with Chelsea, Jane, Madalyn, & Paloma! ❤


July 2019 Wrap Up

Holy moly, friends, the Reading Rush really came through and boosted my books read stat for the year! I was able to read nine things last week, which was half of everything I read for the entire month! And, way more importantly, I read so many four and five star reads and I feel so very blessed with all the amazing stories I consumed this month!

Lock Every Door by Riley Sager ⭐⭐⭐

Darkdawn (The Nevernight Chronicle #3) by Jay Kristoff ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Black Veins (Dead Magic #1) by Ashia Monet ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Love From A to Z by S.K. Ali ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Valiant: A Modern Tale of Faerie (Modern Faerie Tales #2) by Holly Black ⭐⭐

Her Royal Highness (Royals #2) by Rachel Hawkins ⭐⭐⭐

Twice in a Blue Moon by Christina Lauren ⭐⭐

Say You Still Love Me by K.A. Tucker ⭐⭐⭐

The Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Normal People by Sally Rooney ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Beauty and the Beast Girl by neji ⭐⭐⭐

Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Save Me – BTS Webtoon (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life 0) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

All Systems Red (The Murderbot Diaries #1) by Martha Wells ⭐⭐⭐⭐

10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston ⭐⭐⭐⭐

River of Teeth (River of Teeth #1) by Sarah Gailey ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Tea Dragon Festival (Tea Dragon #2) by Katie O’Neill ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Okay, loves! I think that is everything! I promise to get so many of these reviews out soon! I didn’t even open Word during last week’s madness, but I promise to tackle my outstanding reviews-to-write list very soon! I love you all, and I hope you’re having the happiest of reading!

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